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Great combat

TalonProudhawk | March 29, 2014 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

Sleeping Dogs has the combat I've always wished the GTA franchise could have. What surprised me most was how much more I got into this than the GTA series. The story is really quite good for this style of game and is fitting for the premise. It is easy to get sidetracked from it for a while (which is a good thing, who doesn't like more content) because there are so many things to do. I found myself getting really engrossed in the combat as new moves were learned and the driving really feels great. For anyone who loves open world games this should be a blast. The only issues I had were that sometimes the streets felt really narrow and led to slight claustrophobia feelings at times. This is mostly due to no fault of the game but more in the developer being true to the setting which makes it more immersive so I can't count that as a big deal. I also wish that when you started a big long string of moves that you could interrupt them when being attacked. It does sometimes lead to getting hurt when you totally saw it coming and would have blocked. Otherwise this is a really solid game that was greatly overlooked and at the current price if very worth a play.