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Obsolete and boring game.

Tanatosik | April 13, 2011 | Review of CID the Dummy - PC

CID the Dummy is a platform game made in a 2D technique (like Mario, Braid etc.) In the description it seems pretty OK but believe me - it isn't. In fact, it's very weak game, even worse than all these poor online games. The plot is so unseenable there there isn't anything to write about it. The graphics are really pooooor... like a game that was released for about 20 years ago. Music isn't very better, and all the sounds are rather irritating. the game was supposed to be played by children, I think. However, some levels are so hard that even experienced players would have problems with them - the game isn't so easy at all. The main character is a little robot, he looks funny for a while, but is very forgivable. The 'AI of enemies' doesn't exist here - they're really stupid. Seriously, I can't find there any positives. It's a crap and nothing there is done like it should be. It's irritating and I don't know for whom it was made. Don't play!