Reviews by TehNaziOne


Sci-Fi Addon

TehNaziOne | Dec. 18, 2012 | Review of Who Wants To Be A SciFi Millionaire DLC - PC

Very good DLC.This one is very good,I like Sci-FI very much,I have watched all Star-Wars,Star Trek and so on series.I had read lots of books about this,this add-on gave me some trouble when it came to questions,it's pretty difficult but it's also funny to play with your family and friends and can be competitive some times.Graphics are good for this kind of game,I can tell you for sure you are not going to get bored,this game keeps you very observant.Also great to play with your kids,helps them get some culture.Overall it's a great add-on and it's worth every money,also has a good price.Have fun playing it!


Naval Warfare

TehNaziOne | Dec. 18, 2012 | Review of Naval Warfare - PC

Great game!!!That's all I have to say about this,it looks very good,has a good price also.You get more then what you pay for,I am sure you will be more then satisfied after you buy this game and you will play it for some time.The co-op it's very funny and interactive if you play it with some buddies.I will guarantee you will not regret getting this game,it's a great one as I stated at the beginning,I highly advice you to buy it,you will have some fun playing it.It's attractive and interesting.