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Lot's of Potential, Hopeful for a Sequel

Tenkay23 | June 29, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

Remember Me reminds me of the first Assassins Creed, a game with huge potential, a new IP, stunning moments, but falling short in the end. Remember Me has it's high's and low's and there is certaintly something to be enjoyed from this game. The positives include the custom combo's, called pressens, and special techniques that are more powerful, called s-pressens. There are different types of attacks you can use, some give health with each hit, some do massive damage, some give energy to use S-pressens more often, and some amplify the above three if linked together. Also a great positive, is the city of neo-Paris, which is gorgeous and different to look at. The high-tech upper city looks cool and futuristic, while even the slums show the weathered down tech and flooded parts of old Paris. It's a shame the game is so linear and you can't explore the city more. Remixing memories is fun and memorable, it's a shame there are only about four instances in which you can do them. Graphics are colorful and bright, and it's great to see a different art style from the dark brown and greys of most AAA games today. Nilin, the protagonist, may not be the most rememorable character ever, but it is refreshing to get a main character that isn't an overused white male with brown hair.