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Perfect for anyone looking for a stupidly fun coop game

Tensketch | Jan. 6, 2013 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

Saints Row the Third is the first game in the series I have ever played. After reading many a review about it and being told just how much fun the game is, I decided it was time to delve in and give it a try. The first thing I noticed is that Saints Row is a game that can laugh at itself. It knows it's stupid and it doesn't care. From the get go, you are partaking in outrageous missions. 5 minutes in you're freefalling while having a very James Bond-esque gunfight with skydiving hitmen. From then on it's crazy minigames including riding a flaming quad bike that blows up everything it touches. To attempting to drive as fast as you can in order to keep a tiger calm. Almost every mission is insane and the game really doesn't care how outrageous things get. I beat the game in single player and thoroughly enjoyed it. But after that, my friend got it and the real fun began. The game comes with a fully working 2 player coop that allows you to tag along and play the entire campaign with a friend. The main story missions take place like normal, just with an extra player. But the minigames become hilariously fun. Now one of the other features the game has, is that you can download other players creations, and the more popular creations are pretty accurate celebrities. I found one of famed wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anyway... Remember that tiger minigame I told you about? well in this game, while player one has to drive around as fast as possible, player 2 has to play a quick time even minigame in order to keep the tiger calm. I was the role of player 2. During the minigame, my friend tried a power slide around a corner, over shot it terribly and crashed into an alleyway, causing us to get very stuck. Naturally the lack of motion caused the tiger to become enraged in which I was informed that I had to tap the A button to calm it down. What ensued had me in stitches as while my friend was being mauled by a tiger, Stone Cold Steve Austin was attempting to calm it - By punching it in the back of the head. And that, to me at least, is the true essence of Saints Row the Third. To close, the game loses points for getting a little slow in the middle and appearing to run out of steam before the final, somewhat awesome, act. Oh, and driving half way across the city to a checkpoint, just to see a cutscene, is not a mission! Bad THQ, bad!


For those who cant afford Far Cry 3, this is your game.

Tensketch | Jan. 6, 2013 | Review of Crysis - PC

As I write this review, the game is out of stock. However I will continue to write this review as if this is not the case. Crysis is a beautiful game. Even 6 years later, it is a beautiful game. It really did set the benchmark for graphics power at its time and it shows in games today. The story is a hardcore military shooter with an awesome sci fi twist. Normally fps games put you in a position where you are outnumbered and essentially a bullet sponge that must hide constantly to avoid an easy death. Crysis takes this stereotype and throws it out the window because from the get go, you are in a high powered suit which gives you insane superhuman powers. The powers range from armour, speed, strength and stealth and the game gives you access to them immediately. The best part about this game is it really does give you freedom to approach any situation as you please. Normally a game will tell you how to play in a scripted tutorial sequence ('activate stealth to continue' etc), in this game, if you want to approach stealthily, you can, if you want to blitz in at high speed and punch someone into the sky, go ahead! It's this kind of freedom that makes crysis such a fun game to play. You'll have such a great time playing it and figuring out what kind of a super soldier you are. Personally for example, I like to sneak in using stealth, then, once I'm close, activate strength and launch the nearest guard into another and then proceed to punch every piece of terrain at everyone around me, creating a storm of barrels, crates and cars that destroy everything in its path. It gets me killed more often than not, but I honestly don't care! the game is THAT fun! Those wanting to buy FarCry 3 and don't have the funds for it, get this game. You'll enjoy it long enough for you to save up enough money.


A return to form and a great game for any fan.

Tensketch | Jan. 5, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

The first game I ever owned was Sonic the Hedgehog way back in Christmas 92. It was the first game I ever played and one of the best games I'd experienced for years. I absolutely loved it. Fast forward to 2001 and I was in love with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, they gave sonic a voice, a story and different campaigns, I loved it! Fast forward to 2008 and they'd made a black hedgehog have guns, sonic kiss a girl and then become a werehog. I was sick of him at this point and every time they'd release a game I plain didn't care. Probably the worst part about all of this is that Sega are fully aware of their mess ups. Every game that came out was received with reviews and fan comments basically destroying everything they had made. They tried to fix things with the release of Sonic 4, which brought back the old school gameplay that people like me love. Only problem was they were short and expensive so the fans complained they wanted something more like sonic adventure. So Sega was stuck with the following problem, the fans wanted something that was old school and retro, like the original sonic games, but modern and exciting, like Sonic Adventure. The answer? whynotboth.jpg And thus, Sonic Generations was born! The game gives fans everything they want, you get your old school levels mixed with a really well refined modern sonic. It has you playing 3 levels from each generation of Sonic, from the 2D megadrive days, the 3D adventure days, to the 'we have no idea what we are doing' days. It is a lot of fun blasting through a modern day reimagining of Chemical Plant Zone in 3D, blasting through at insane speeds which you actually have control of. Overall, if you are a sonic fan and you want to believe again, buy this game. Sega have worked hard on this game, get it now and enjoy it, before Sega mess things up again, you know it's going to happen.


short but sweet

Tensketch | Jan. 5, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

I bought this game because I am a huge fan of the AVP franchise, I hate the films, but I love the games and comics. The two title species are perfect together and I love the fact that they throw the humans in as such easy to kill, fun to play bait. First off, as the other reviews have said, this game is short. Like, 3-5 hours short. I would strongly recommend for the best way of playing, to beat the Alien and Predator campaigns before jumping into the Marine. As the other campaigns are merely bonus missions and the Marine campaign has all the voice work, plot and action. The gameplay is your standard FPS style with each campaign offering different styles. As the alien, you are fast, but suffer from being a bullet sponge with no ranged attacks. You'll find it best to close in on your enemy as silently as possible before going in for the kill. The predator plays pretty much the same, you'll be outnumbered but your technology is what evens the odds, cloaking yourself and going for the execution kill is satisfying. The Marine is the scariest of them all. More often than not you'll be the guy who is stuck on his own just as a horde of aliens come bursting through a vent, resulting in you losing your cool and firing in rapid circles hoping that you hit something. Or being stuck in a room, thinking you are safe, not noticing the clicking and horrible squealing of a facehugger scuttling around the room getting ready to one-hit-kill you. The atmosphere in the Marine campaign is great, dark industrial rooms full of the Aliens vibe with tight claustrophobic corridors, including a no-doubt purposely designed pipe that will scare you every time. You'll know it when you see it. Only other things to mention is Lance Henriksen plays yet another Bishop and provides Alien fans everywhere what they want. Michelle Rodriguez plays Michelle Rodriguez. Seriously. That's all I can say about her. I love her but she is the same person in everything. I bought the game at full price when it came out, now it's a fraction of it and it goes even lower during sales or when you apply a voucher. If you are a fan of Aliens, Predators or just cant wait for Colonial Marines, get this.


An amazing new world and a game that dares to be different.

Tensketch | Jan. 5, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

Stealth and FPS are 2 words that seldom work together. Throw in the words steampunk and magic and you've got something that your mind is telling you should be a mess. But in reality, this game is far from it. One of the first thing I noticed when playing this game is that I got a very Bioshock feel from it, which is fantastic as it brings back all the memories of discovering a new world, one that has equal parts similarities and differences. The gameplay, as mentioned earlier is a stealth based fps with elements of magic and steampunk-esque technology. You'll find yourself utilising everything in your arsenal to succeed. In the first mission alone, you are given the chance to blink (a quick, short ranged teleport) across lamposts, stalking a guard before dropping down and plunging your knife into his back. It essentially marries the good parts of Assassins Creed with Bioshock. It is a difficult game to describe in writing without pictures. My only recommendation for anyone who is on the fence about buying this game is to check the games official youtube channel. The developers have released gameplay videos of them doing the same segment in both a non-lethal and lethal manner. It's what made me buy it and it should help you make up your mind. The only piece of advice I have for this game is to ignore the chaos rating, the game tries to force you to do a passive playthrough with the consequence of a bad ending but unless you are a stealth master with the patience of a saint you will find it incredibly difficult early on. Just play how you like, kill/dont kill who you want and then go for a perfect playthrough when you acquire more powers.


A Pleasant Surprise

Tensketch | Jan. 5, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs DLC Nightmare on Northpoint - PC

First things first, this DLC is short. Very Short. Secondly, don't expect your story to be expanded in any way, because it won't. The best way to look at this DLC is to consider it like Undead Nightmare on Red Dead Redemption, merely a bonus story. From the moment the DLC starts, you'll no doubt immediately recognise the piece of pop culture history this is directly parodying. Only interestingly enough, it comes with a Chinese horror culture twist. The DLC will take you about an hour and a half to beat and although it has extra side quest missions to do, there is virtually zero payoff for doing them. I recommend this for people who are massive fans of Sleeping Dogs and want to extend their time with it, albeit by only a little. Use a voucher.


Fantastic game.

Tensketch | Jan. 4, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC DVD

This is one of those games that may have flown over quite a few peoples radars in 2012. Other people may have skipped it because they didn't want to buy what appears to be 'another GTA clone'. This game may have lots of inspiration from GTA but it stands out on its own very easily. Originally True Crime: Hong Kong, Sleeping Dogs has you playing an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the Triads. The storyline is very well done, pulling you into a tale of a person clearly torn between the loyalty of his job and the loyalty of his new found friends. The gameplay itself takes an interesting turn as you'll find yourself in a lot less gun fights and a lot more fist fights. Thankfully, the game adopts a very Arkham Asylum style of combat, in which Wei flows smoothly between opponents, offering different moves and counters which can be upgraded as the game goes on. The only downsides to this game for me is the soundtrack is a little too authentic, offering a small amount of radio stations each with a handful of songs. Furthermore the missions at times don't tie in very well, you'll play one and find the characters talking about someone as if you've seen them throughout the game when in reality, you have no clue who they are. Finally, they made a big deal of having Emma Stone in the game, but I must warn you, she shows up for all of 2 missions, beyond that, nothing. Overall I would recommend this game highly to anyone who wants to play a great story and a sandbox game with a slight twist in gameplay elements.