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Hours of endless fun

Terrazine | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Perhaps as a random act of interest, I had decided to check out this game of what I had believed to be "Cops and Robbers." I hadn't expected too much of this game due to average reviews of it's predecessor but I was astonished. This game was to be a time burner with friends to pull off a few robberies but never had I been so into such an intense game! The game is divided up into mission that differentiate in both objective, difficulty, and quite often, frustration. As an example, I will use the first mission, "Jewelry Store." Now this mission is supposed to be a run-of-the-mill break and enter kind of thing. BUT, and that's with all capitals, the mission is far from being bland and vanilla. Number of policemen within and around the store create an environment that may in fact cause a loss due how you the player, interact with them. Maybe you want to stealth kill them, you would have to answer their pager as to why they stopped responding. Maybe the secretary will believe, and then again maybe not. Depending on how you set up and approach each scenario, you may find yourself to be in either an impossibly difficult jam, or the mission will go by quickly and easily. Say you want to attack head first, guns blazing. Fine, fair enough I understand. Just do not expect the cops to be arriving soon to take kindly to that. If you take your time and drag the process out, less cops will come as the situation may be deemed "easier" to deal with. Less initial violence=less action. This can satisfy all sorts of players from the casual wild shot player to the careful controlling player. Payday 2 really brings out what kind of player you are through how you complete the missions. Every mission has random starts and vault locations to spice it up. Missions will generally be the same however with the same objective and task but that isn't necessarily bad. How you play the game is entirely up to you and even a simple heist can result in catastrophic gun fights. The team consists of a random number of people from either the Ghost, Mastermind, Engineer, and Enforcer tech trees. Each tree gives perks for the character depending on what they believe would benefit them more. Always remember though, perhaps you think a ghost as an infiltrator would help a lot, ammo, or rather the lack of, may be the thing that causes you and your team to lose. Personally I had tons of fun with this game. The missions are exciting and challenging. I never get bored of even the generic bank heist. Odd glitches and bugged civilian AI aren't particularly much to note and maybe a cop's head will stick out of a wall. Nothing game breaking whatsoever. However I must warn that single player is well near impossible due to incompetent friendly AI. To conclude, and if TL: DR, Payday 2 is a fantastic game and can very well be considered a triple A game. The missions are exciting and keep you peeled to the monitor. Odd glitches and the impossible single player are the only thing keeping me away from granting this a perfect score. Play this game with friends, you wont regret it.