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Weak DLC

TheBulletMagnet | March 6, 2014 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC - PC

This DLC is exactly what I don't like about the new XCOM. It's a series of three missions that take place in China where a triad member defects to XCOM with a piece of alien tech. There are no weapons, soldier type or aliens and instead is based entirely around a three mission story. If you complete all three levels then you get the loot you would from capturing a battleship which can allow you to completely break the tech tree with top tier equipment. The reception of this was so bad that the planned second DLC ended up being merged into Enemy Within. The difficulty of the missions is poorly balanced as the first mission has a number of relatively powerful enemies that have scripted spawns so it is a total breeze on repeat plays. The subsequent levels have a massive difficulty spike with the second level potentially being the hardest level in the new XCOM including Enemy Within.


Good addition to a Great Game

TheBulletMagnet | March 5, 2014 | Review of XCOM Enemy Within NA - PC

Enemy Within is a good add-on to the game which helps expand on the early game with a number of balance changes which give the player many more options in a game that was limited before. EW adds 1.5 new soldier classes to the game which does add to the options that the player has. The MEC soldier, created by surgically removing the limbs of a soldier that is squaddie or higher, which gains a number of powerful weapons and abilities at the cost of being unable to take cover and being dependent on MEC suits which must be manufactured at high cost. Gene-mods are a modification that can be done to soldiers that give them bonus abilities like dealing damage to enemies who use psi powers on them or being able to jump onto buildings.There have a number of balance changes to the existing classes which for the most part fail to address the extreme imbalance. Squad sight is less of a game breaker but is still infinitely better than snap-shot. The gene-mod Mimetic-Skin completely breaks the AI as they are unable to deal with invisible soldiers. The item system was given a much needed overhaul. Deep pockets, an ability for support soldiers, has been turned into an upgrade for all soldiers so they can all carry two items. EW adds a number of new items that are of mixed use. There are a number of grenades including a grenade that hits a larger area but is blocked by cover, a grenade that lures aliens to a place, and flashbangs which can be used to cripple the victims accuracy and movement speed. The new enemies in the game do add quite a bit to the game. There are two new aliens: mektoids and seekers. Mektoids are fit in between cyberdisks and sectopods as a high damage, high durability enemy that can't take cover. Seekers are an enemy that turns invisible and attaches itself to a soldier and chokes them but end up not being much of a threat. EXALT, a new enemy faction made up of humans, is a mixed bag. EXALT soldiers stop scaling quickly into the game leaving them fodder for your soldiers. EW does address some of the key bugs with EU but does not do away with them completely. Aliens can occasionally teleport directly into your squad and there are a number of line of sight bugs that prevent you from getting line of sight and critical hit bonuses. Overall Enemy Within is a good add-on that addresses many of the base games issues. The late game is still lacking a strong late game and has significant balance problems. The game also continues to be let down by some terrible bugs.


Almost Great

TheBulletMagnet | March 5, 2014 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Interesting game with many flaws. Visually the game looks great with an interesting art style that I can't recall seeing before. Colours are somewhat subdued and 'realistic' with the characters themselves being heavily stylized. Sound design is quite good but is let down by questionable voice acting. The game relies on relatively big name television and film actors for most of the named characters who all speak with the same monotone voice. The plot of the game is uninspired and contains some questionable decisions. Most of the characters are bland. The story relies on the protagonist being betrayed multiple times which are obviously foreshadowed which left me rolling my eyes as the game went on as I was able to predict the plot in the first hour. The story also depends on a clumsy morality system. Mechanically the game is very fun but it punishes those who attempt to get the good ending. The morality system in the game is entirely dependent on you not killing people while at the same time having the gameplay primarily focused on killing people. The only things you can do to guards if going non-lethal is to sneak up on them and choke them or using tranquilizers of which you can only carry a few. The game is significantly more fun if you go lethal and loud.