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One of the Best Games of the Year

TheFlyingFish | May 4, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Irrational Games (the developer of Bioshock Infinite) has aalways done a spectacular job at creating a game that mixes both an intriguing world and a great story. Whether it be Spec Ops the line, Bioshock 1, or Bioshock Infinite, this studio has always brought these factors to the forefront of their games. What is unique about Infinite is that it also brings in a plethora of new and interesting things to this title. Infinite isnt afraid to bring up themes such as racism and religion in the game. It also creates one of the best AI partners that you will be able to find in Elizabeth. As you progress through the game, you will find that she becomes essential to not only the narrative of the game, but also to the combat that you are engaged in. However, the main reason you should buy this game is because of the story. I wont spoil the ending, but know that it will really engage you as a player and as a person in final parts of the game. It is one of those few games that you will be thinking about days and weeks after you complete it.