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Decent 3rd person Shooter/ Demolisher

TheGreatTomato | Aug. 20, 2012 | Review of Red Faction Guerilla - PC

In Red Faction Guerilla you are a man named Alec who has been sent to mars on a mission to rid Mars of the Earth Defense Force by destroying everything they own. You are given plenty of demo tools which you have the power to use on anything you see fit. After a while the game does get boring there are tons of repetitive missions that you have to do just to take control of small parts of mars. Being that you can drive pretty much any care you find help when you have to trek over such a large area. On another note the games multiplayer is not worth the effort they put into making it, it is just another generic deathmatch/CtF game types you will easily forget. Overall the game is worth it, even though the landscape is rather ugly and boring, who doesn't want to sneak into giant military bases and destroy everything in a massive explosion!