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Excellent replay value

TheJock | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband Steam - PC

This is one of those games I play even when I've been playing them all day. A fantastic medieval sandbox experience combined with even more excellent multiplayer gamemodes with a sophisticated and hard-to-master combat systems. I've played this nearly two thousand and five hundred hours, according to Steam. It's still my most played game, even after three years. I could talk about the sandbox singleplayer or the awesome, difficult and yet rewarding multiplayer system, but I think a lot of people have already said the same. I'd say what makes M&B:Warband so great are the mods. There's mods for both singleplayer, multiplayer or even both at once. The community never ceases to amaze me whether it's a medieval singleplayer masterpiece with real world factions and tons of new items, units and features or a Viking-era, no-bullshit multiplayer mod. Great game.


Best game of 2012

TheJock | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Pack - PC

I'd say say this was the best game of 2012. It's hard to put this game into words. The best description would probably be something along the lines of an interactive movie where the decisions are made by you. It's a game where you're not the hero - you can't save people, you can't change the world, you can't go on a guns blazing rampage on everyone. It's a game where you can shape the main character's (Lee's) personality. Is he a jerk to people? Does he swear? Does he prefer to remain calm or get angry and fight people? Does he prefer to hide the harsh truth from children or be blunt? It'll leave you emotionally torn up and wanting more.