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Possibly the most engrossing and real-feeling game to date

TheLastWhiteKid | Dec. 3, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite (NA)

In an age where a story for an FPS is like a story for an action movie, Bioshock: Infinite truly shines brighter than everything else. Every second of the game, every minute moment, is filled with detail and excellent craftsmanship. The game goes where no other games have, from the sheer overwhelming idea of a city sustaining itself above the clouds, to the underlying plot of the rise of anti-racism and the co-existing white supremacist clans that join in, the story and experience is flawless, aside from a few confusing side missions.

Infinite is a perfect example of how to create a supporting character with sufficient AI that isn't just pissing the player off. Sure, several times I found myself thinking her weak in the stomach, but thats because she was, shes only a teenager and has never seen violence, much more a man murdered. This just further developed her character.

I can honestly say this game is superior to both its predecessors, much less most other FPS titles out there just flaunting a 4-hour campaign (I'm talking to you COD). You will not regret buying this game.