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Best F.E.A.R title

TheRealMoremir | Nov. 7, 2012 | Review of FEAR (1) - PC

This is, for me, the best game of the F.E.A.R. franchise. Whe I first played it, i loved it. I'm a big fan of survival horror games, like Silent Hill 1 and 2, and though F.E.A.R. is not one of those games, it shurely delivers a great atmosphere of uncertainty, aprehension, darkness and you will find yourself not wanting to go into dark corners, even though you have a shotgun with you. The story is good and compelling: you will want to find out what is happening, and it is told in a way that is organic with gameplay. Something like Half-life. The FPS aspect of the game is also great. It was one of the first games to introduce bullet-time, and to a graet result. It also has a small degree of charachter development via secret enhancements. Graphics and phisics are superb, even for today standars, as well as music and efects. This is really one of my favourite shooters AND horror games ever. If you don't belive me, wait till you get the nail gun and leave a guy hanging from a wall, just to get scared by him the next time you cross that hallway after forgetting you killed him there.


Nostalgia round the corner

TheRealMoremir | Nov. 7, 2012 | Review of Similaris Collection - PC

This collection reaks of nostalgia for those of us who remember having an Amiga. They were great games, specially Ishar I and II, with it's predecesor Cristals of arborea (something like Ishar 0). They are fun games that require patience and will to be played again: they haven't aged very well and you will find yourself struggling more than once. Other than that, it is a great collection whit fun oldies like Metal Mutant and Starblade. But keep in mind you are dealing with 1991 games.


A normal character DLC

TheRealMoremir | Nov. 7, 2012 | Review of Krater Character DLC Mayhem MK13 - PC

KRATER is a nice game, specially if you play it in co-op multiplayer mode. This DLC brings a nice addition to your character arsenal. It's always nice in games like this to see the developers continue to bring in new content, because one of the aspects that make this game fun is the use and custmization of your party. This new character offers more in that aspect because you can either use him as a ranged or a melee dps-burster, wich let's you adapt your playstile. That beeing said, it's kind of sad having to pay $5 for a new character when other games, like Awesomenauts, offer them for free. Maybe a lesson yet to be lerned by some companies. Other than that, this DLC delivers what it offers.


Nice pack, but a little overpriced

TheRealMoremir | Nov. 3, 2012 | Review of Sanctum Map Pack 1 - PC

Sanctum is a great game. And like every tower defense game, a lot of it's dificulty and playability comes from different maps. This Map Pack is a good addition to the game if you liked it and are looking for a new challenge. A liitle overpriced, seeing that for the same price you can buy whole games, but you can wait for an offer or use one of GMG always usefull vouchers. My personal favourite: Aftershock.


A nice sequel

TheRealMoremir | Nov. 1, 2012 | Review of Chaos on Deponia (1) - PC

Deponia was a great adventure game, that suffered the same problem that Whispered World: we are so used to fast paced, instant action games, that we have somewhat lost the patience to enjoy slow things. But like those games, in Chaos on Deponia, patience comes with a reward. They are great enjoyable games that appeal more to the people that are looking to have a nice fun time where things don't blow up every two seconds. The hand-art drawn desing, the soundtrack, the humor and puzzles, they are all superb, but require you to spend time to fully appreciate them. Chaos on Deponia is a character-humor driven adventure game, much like Monkey Island, set in a wacky steampunk world. It takes inspiration in the tradition of Discworld (if you ever played it, or if you are a fan of Pratchett's work), and Ron Gilbert's games. The good news is that you can play it without any knowledage of it's predecesor, so if you haven't played it, you can still enjoy this one in it's full extent and then go and buy the first one.


A unique game

TheRealMoremir | Oct. 31, 2012 | Review of Little Big Adventure - PC

Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure, is a classic adventure game. That's what you will read in any description or review. But that's not true. The only thing you can compare this game to is it's sequel. This masterpiece of gaming is in a league of it's own. Maybe it's the surreal world, or the particualrly funny humor, or the way puzzles can be solved in different ways, one crazyer than the other. But truly, it's because this game has something that few games have: a great, compelling story, interwoven with easy to pick but clean an fun gameplay. It is truly an amazing experience that is burnt in many a gamer's memory. It takes you through a variety of great locations with vast levels of exploration, memorable characters and clever puzzles. And it has aged so well it's remarkable. If you haven't played it yet, or you want to relive it, you now have the opportunity. This is a must have for every adventure games lover, and a great example of what a game can accomplish.


A wonderful game

TheRealMoremir | Oct. 31, 2012 | Review of Little Big Planet 2 - PC

This is a classic adventure game, and it has aged really well. For those who have played the first one, the sequel has a lot of improvements, with a more finely narrated and written story. This is, without a doubt, one of the best adventure games for pc and a fantastic experience. You will spend countless hours wandering through it's magic worlds, trying to discover secrets, meeting memorable characters and dwelling in a great (and sometimes dark) story. Little Big Adventure 2 is a must-have for any adventure games fan. Add to that a beautiful and moodt soundtrack and you have one of the best pc games of it's (and our) age.


Fallout 3 without the story

TheRealMoremir | Oct. 29, 2012 | Review of Rage NA - PC

The first thing that comes to mind when facing RAGE is Fallout 3. The setup, initial story and opne world exploration seem to come directly from it. That beeing said, what you get with RAGE is a market standard FPS with an upgrade sistem and slight touches of Rpg-like mechanics. Something in the lines of Borderlands. This kind of games require friends or an undying love for the genere to get the most of it. The co-op aspect is fun for what other titles have to offer, and the combat is immersive and fast paced. The vehicle combat part is, however, really lackluster: Controls are somewhat bad and you will get bored by the third time you play a race. The graphics are nice, but don't bring much to the table. All in all, a good game, not great, but also not bad.


A fun classic game

TheRealMoremir | Oct. 29, 2012 | Review of Raptor Call of the Shadow 2010 Edition - PC

Raptor: Call of shadows is a great oldschool game. A 2D scroll, shoot em up jewel, that has aged better than most of it's contemporaries. It is a pretty basic game, mechanics and gameplay wise, but don't let it's simplicity fool you. From casual "just-for-fun" to hardcore gamers, this game offers so much in it's experience. The dificulty leves let you determin how you want to play it, and belive me, it can get tough. With a nice weapons upgrade sistem, its only porblem was the lack of a save feature and the frustration wich you got when losing everything in one go. But this new edition solves that, as well as bringing a small graphic overhaul. If you never played this classic game as a child, this is your chance. Maybe not a deal moneywise, but with GMG's offers, vouchers and trade system, that's never a problem


Good DLC

TheRealMoremir | Oct. 29, 2012 | Review of Magicka Grimnirs Laboratory - PC

Overall a good DLC for this game. Though you could say Magicka has already outlived it's worth, at least DLC wise, you can't deny Arrowhead keeps the quality of their content. Specially in keeping the game fun. This expansion brings a new challenge with new interesting enemies and the Elemental Altars mechanic is an interesting feature that kicks the challenge up a notch. So, if you are a fan of the game, or you want to try a new challenge with your friends, you should try it out.


A great co-op game

TheRealMoremir | Oct. 25, 2012 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

Awesomenauts is a great tower defense - MOBA game, but not like all the others.Unlike other games in this genre, it's more of a casual game. But that's one of it's greatest strenghts. Anybody who ever played a plataformer or any 2D game since SNES can play it and have a great time. This game is, above all, fun. And it has one feature wich I, as an old gamer, love: Local Co-Op. You can play it with your friends, or, as in my case, with your kids, and relive the great experience that is gather to play a game. Besides that, it has a really good customization system that grants great replayability and different styles. And, to add more, you can, if you don't have someone to play it with, go online enter a game with strangers. Bear in mind, tough, that this is a game ment to be played with other people. You can play alone against bots, but you would be missing the real point of a good old fashioned cooperative game.


Commandos gone medieval.

TheRealMoremir | July 14, 2012 | Review of Robin Hood - PC

This is, without any doubt, a great underrated game. Whether you are a fan of clasic strategy games or you like the Commandos franchise, this is a must have. Robin Hood - The Legend Of Sherwood is a real time strategy game with a nice RPG's touch. You can customize your characters, your party, and even your items in order to solve each mission. It has a nice mix of action combat and stealth tactics, wich work nicely. Each mission, you can choose to kill your enemies or let them live. But be weary, because each action has it's consecuences. And that's not all. You'll have to set up ambushes, rescue princesses in distress, steal from the rich and save the poor. Be an archer, a swordsman or a thief. Storm castles and gather an army of merry men. There is nothing wrong with this game, except that maybe it's too fun. You'll be addicted before you even know it.


What this game needed.

TheRealMoremir | July 12, 2012 | Review of Crusader Kings II Sword of Islam - PC

I'll start by saying I loved Crusader Kings II. It was one of the best strategy games i've played in years. If for some reason you don't own it yet, and you like the Total War games, especially the Medieval ones, you should check it out. That beeing said, one of the few features that I didn't like was the fact that you couldn't play the muslims. But this expansion takes care of that. It adds a whole new experience to the game. If you liked the original game, be it single player or multiplayer, you are gonna love it. Especially since one of the things that make this game so grate is the multiple political interactions between factions.The interface update, on the other hand, is also a nice touch and proof of the overall nice desing of the game.


Delivers what promises.

TheRealMoremir | July 12, 2012 | Review of Napoleon Total War Imperial Eagle Packs DLC - PC

A pretty basic DLC. The units themselves are an intresting addition to have for what they add to the variety of the game. Maybe a little expensive for what it gives, considering some other games DLC's. But if you are looking for the full game experience of Napoleion: Total War or if you are a die-hard fan of the franchise then you may want it.


Not as good as expected.

TheRealMoremir | July 12, 2012 | Review of The Whispered World - PC

When I first heard of this game I was really excited: I'm a big fan of traditional point-and-click adventures. The cartoony graphics reminded me of great games like Monkey Island 3, or King's Quest VII and the characters seemed intresting enough. That beeing said, the game itself was kind of disappointing. First of all, it's really slow. The dialogues lack the snappy whimsical nature of most oldschool graphic adventures and the time it takes to perform some of the most basic actions is sometimes underwhelming. Second, the main character, Sadwick, wasn't nearly as intresting as a sad clown could have been. One intresting aspect of the game, though, is the introduction of Spot, the caterpillar. Like in Sam & Max: Hit the road, some puzzles will have to be solved using our pet, wich can change it's form to help us. The artistic aspect of the game, if we can call it so, is really polished. Good visuals, good sountrack and good -though somewhat clasic and sometimes cheesy- story. Overall a good game and worth checking out if you are a traditional PC game fan.