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I adore this game!

TheStealthyOne | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Thief Gold - PC

This review is not written based off of nostalgia, as I played the game last month. I adore this game for its brilliant atmosphere, sound design, simple mechanics, and gratifying gameplay. The intense experiences you will have navigating finely crafted levels with unknown horrors and forces are unmatched.


A fun, rewarding, but somewhat flawed game

TheStealthyOne | Oct. 27, 2011 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

I rarely have fun with shooters, but I can safely say that I enjoyed this enjoyable (but sometimes frustrating) shooter. First of all, it does go back to more classical roots. It feels like Serious Sam in a way. Though it does have a regenerating shield (which is quite slow) and a sprint key, it feels inspired by the likes of Quake and such. A