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I am blown away.

ThirdMonkey | April 26, 2013 | Review of LEGO Lord of the Rings - PC

The guys over at "Travellers Tale" sure know how to make games you instantly fall in love with. I have not seen a LOTR game which has been created with so much love for details as this one yet. They tell the original story of Frodos adventure to destroy the One Ring pretty accurately to a degree, where you could put together all the cut scenes and have a Lego LOTR movie. They really took the time to find out what makes LOTR so special and imported it in the beautifully minimalistic and cute Lego world. By using the original Audio snippets from the movies, the game feels a lot more real while being set in the Lego universe which at first feels weird but you adapt to it very fast. The humor in this game is just excellent. You will find yourself laughing in many occasions about the mostly slapstick gags the game presents. This game was clearly made for the whole family. Even people who haven't read or watched LOTR will have a whole lot of fun with this game and also the hardcore fans will be satisfied by the detail of the game. If you are not playing this game you are really missing out on something!


A whole new Experience

ThirdMonkey | April 26, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Dragonborn Nexway - PC

This DLC for Skyrim adds an all new level of playing. In addition to the land of Skyrim you get access to an island with all new quests and an interesting storyline. The game takes a different turn in terms of design. There is a lot of "Lovecraftian" stuff, enemies and environments. The new enemies really feel like a fresh breeze in your all-day Draugr killing as they are presented with tentacles and strange looking accessories. Overall the environment feels a lot like the one we got to see in Oblivion which is a nice change from the icy tundra of Skyrim. In terms of length this DLC is at least average. Trained TES and RPG fans will complete the main quest in about 5 hours but as always there is a whole lot more to discover on the new island such as numerous sidequests and a whole lot of new people and dialogues. Also there is a lot of new Armor and Weapons to be found to pump up your character some more. The promised dragon riding was a total bummer, instead of flying in the ego-perspective you just kind of direct your dragon to a certain direction which doesn't work all that great. But all in all this DLC adds a whole set of new and fresh things to the game and I would totally recommend it to everyone who loved the main game.