Reviews by Thulfiqaar


By far the best game I played in a long time

Thulfiqaar | Aug. 9, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - PC

Skyrim is a true gem! Graphically speaking it's gorgeous. Voice acting is good, combat is so much better than Oblivion and the shouting and Dragons and you got yourself a game that is unrivaled in how big it is. That is not the best thing about skyrim though. What makes Skyrim the best game in a long time is the PC Community created Mods. They have really transformed the game in to an even better game. They improve every little aspect of the game, in both Graphic and gameplay. I'm not just talking about the brilliant Steam Workshop, go and explore Nexus mods, they have even better mods posted on there! You will end up spending hours finding the best mods to mix and match, like I and so many others have done. Seriously Guys, do yourself a huge favour and buy this game ON PC! Thank you Bethesda and the Skyrim Community for really making me fall in love all over again with PC gaming.


Overrated, but yet enjoyable

Thulfiqaar | Aug. 4, 2012 | Review of Borderlands - PC

The game is initially a lot of fun, but as you progress you realise it's pretty much a repeat of the same thing. The RPG side of it doesn't shine, it's just ok and the same goes for the FPS side of it. It takes to many hits to kill an opponent, the weapon loot gets confusing thanks to the colours and layout which is badly designed. Having said that in multiplayer it's a decent co-op game. In fact I'm thinking about giving it another try, but I haven't got my hopes up.


Not as good as the first one but still a solid game

Thulfiqaar | July 26, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age 2 - PC

Don't listen to the people that are too hurt by the fact that they changed it the game to be different than the first one. Sure the first one was brililant in pretty much every way, but that doesn't make Dragon Age 2 bad far from it. The fighting/action in the second is actually to be honest better. If only they could implement the zooming out function like they did in the first one it would have then been perfect! The storyline is still epic and everything will feel familiar from the first game. It's still the same "theme". You will love your companions, unfortunately the game doesn't go as deep in the characters and their development as the first game does, but trust me it's still a good story and the characters are all good with excellent voice acting. Replay value is pretty good as well, simply because the fighting style and action in this one is just so good and you would like to experiment with it a bit.


If you liked the original Deus Ex then you will love this!

Thulfiqaar | July 26, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

I have to admit I was initially disappointed with the graphics but the gameplay really make up for it. Deus Ex will remind you that games can be good again. That it is possible to have a great sequel. It gives you the freedom to play it the way you want to play it and the choices that you have to make aren't easy, but that freedom to be able to make that choice is what makes this game so great. There are so many things that you will love in this game. - Great story line - Nice selection of weapons - Freedom of Choice, that means the freedom to be stealthy or go head on action style if you do it right - Great Voice Acting I can't help but wonder how good this would have been if it also had multiplayer... done well!


Absolutely Brilliant Game

Thulfiqaar | July 26, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

If you like first person view shooters then you have to get this! Let me list a few things why you need to have it: - Stunning Realistic Graphics - The sound is incredible, it really makes you feel as if you are in the middle of a war zone. If you have a good head set or a great 5.1 or higher surround system then you are going to love the sound of BF3 - Addictive Gameplay, if you liked Bad Company 2 then most likely you will love this. - Dedicated servers, that means you can find servers that are moderated well. As close as it gets to Hack free and idiot free. Why? because should anybody break the rules they can get and even banned by the admins of the server. You don't have to rely on Dice to do it for you. - Teamwork focussed type of game - Team Death Match is my favourite but you only get to enjoy it once you have really gotten used to the game and are decent at it.


A true gem

Thulfiqaar | July 26, 2012 | Review of Bastion - PC

I can truly say, that I enjoyed everything about this game. I actually finished this game twice in a row and I rarely do that since I have over 200 games and I haven't played most of them. The music in this game plays a vital role and is simply gorgeous. It really helps in the development and fits in perfectly well along with the narrator. I know when I first saw it I thought it was a game for kids because of the art style and graphics, but truly this game is so much more than you think. I paid full price for the game and I don't regret it and these days it's going on sale quite often. If you enjoy a game with great challenging combat and great storytelling, with a little bit of originality. Then this game is for you. Try it if your not certain, there are demo's for this game all over the internet.