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One of the best platformers of this generation.

TimmiT9 | Sept. 2, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

You are Meat Boy, a boy with no skin that leaves a trail of blood everywhere he goes. His girlfriend is Bandage Girl, who gets kidnapped by Dr. Fetus, a fetus in a robot with a suit, top hat and monocle. Your goal is to save your girlfriend while avoiding deadly sawblades and monsters. There are around 150 levels, each of which also have unlockable harder versions. Besides that there is also a bonus world, making the amount of levels more than 300. The game also gets updated constantly with user-made levels. The main game starts off hard and gets even harder as you progress. When you die, you'll have to start the level over. This never feels too punishing though, because each level is usually 10 to 30 seconds long. It also never feels like it's the game's fault that you die because of how well designed the levels are. The controls feel perfect, however, it is highly recommended that you use an Xbox 360 controller to play the game. There is even a message saying you should use one instead of a keyboard when you start it. Super Meat Boy is well worth the price and one of the best Indie games out there. Buy it.