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Different, but in a good way.

TorpedoVegas | July 17, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

GTA has been a franchise that I have cherished for years. I remember playing GTA3 at a friend's place and being blown away. I played GTA 1 and 2 at my cousin's place and thought it was great as well. Vice City and San Andres, like 3 were landmark games in their own ways. When 4 came out, reviewers loved it and it won many game of the year awards. A lot of gamers had problems with it, but I wasn't one of them. The City was huge, and while their wasn't as much to do in it, it still was a beauty to behold. The story was top notch and is my favorite so far by Rockstar besides Red Dead and Max Payne 3. Combat changed for a more realistic real. It took me a few hours to get it and driving down, but I finally did and the game felt that much more special to me. It took me just under 30 hours to complete, and I barely touched multiplayer. I own it on all three consoles just cause I wanted to show my support in so many ways. $20 is a great price, but it's sometimes $5 or less. Don't miss out on one of the greatest games of this generation.


Bring friends.

TorpedoVegas | July 23, 2011 | Review of Rift - PC

I played Rift with two friends when it first came out and had quite a good time. It borrowed all of the great stuff that wow and other mmos had, but made it more fun and fresh. I thought I was going to play the game for months. Sadly my two friends got tired of the game, quit, and I had lost all momentum to play it. Unlike wow, guild wards and other mmos, Rift is not that fun playing single player. Bring a friend that will last as long as you, and you could be having a great time.