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Winner Best visual design and rightly so!!

Treguard1982 | Nov. 24, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Having been a fan of the first game, and to be honest even the second game as well (apart from the multiplayer which didn't work too well on xbox for me) I was wondering if the 3rd installment would live up to the hype. Anyone who has played the first game will remember the beautiful vistas and big visual reveal near the start of the game. Without giving anything away, you can certainly expect to feel that same 'awe' that you felt with Bioshock 1 but just with a different setting. I don't know how the developer managed to do it, but considering all of the hype that was generated through the teaser a couple of years back, this doesn't fail to disappoint. There's a good selection of weapons which some minor RPG elements in terms of upgradability in terms of those weapons as well as health, shields etc. Enemies are plentiful (and that was playing on the normal difficulty) and there is a wide scope of tactics you can use (again I don't want to spoil anything). Sound design is excellent and best played on a projector and 5.1 if you can, but the experience is just as good on a monitor with standard speakers/headphones. I didn't get to try using the mouse and keyboard combination, but to be honest I was more than happy to use my controller, sit back in my leather chair and pump in a good few hours at a time (you'll lose many hours at a time, so it might be best to book some time off work!). I've finished the game and am looking forward to trying out the first episode. Don't hesitate in picking this up, it's a fantastic game and well worth supporting the developer.


Still got it

Treguard1982 | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of DOOM Classic Complete - PC

If you're about 30 and haven't played this game, where have you been? Doom is a classic FPS and was a milestone in terms of technical achievement for the time. Although the game 20 years old (at the the time of writing) there are still mods being supported for it (a quick search on google brings up many (e.g. extra maps, graphical changes, changed enemies). This pack has the best of the Doom games IMHO. Although Doom 3 is still a great game, you can't really compare the two due to the number of years between them being made. Although the graphics (in the non-modded version at least) may look a little dated these days, it's still a lot more fun to play (gameplay wise) having a certain charm which many games since have failed to have. Pick it up! :)


Very faithful to the original

Treguard1982 | Oct. 28, 2013 | Review of Another World 20th Anniversary Edition - PC

Having played many games on my Amiga 500+ back in the day, this one sticks in my mind above the rest. I remember evenings where I'd go to my friends and play on his amiga, and then we'd try and work out strategies for the many places where we would get stuck in order to come back and try again the next day. This is a classic which has been lovingly touched up, but is still the same game I remember from playing it originally. It just goes to show that you don't have a have fancy explosions and on the rails gameplay to have a fantastic game. Honestly pick this one up, it's well worth the price.