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Bring your friends along for the ride..

Trinum | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Sound: I feel that exceedingly few games have good sound assets for their guns; but in Payday, everything sounds excellent. When you shoot at a cop, you really feel like the gun on your screen is firing with a lot of power and force. And I personally love the music that this game has to offer; nothing gets you pumped for a coming fight like the hectic beats present here. Gameplay: Payday is a bit lacking in heist variety; you will spend a lot of your time defending a safe as it drills away, or moving a bag from point A to point B. This gets a little tiring after a while, but the great fun you and your friends will have from the many shootouts that will come your way more than makes up for it. This game has a fair amount of enemy diversity. What difficulty you're on and how long a heist has been going on for will determine what types of enemies you are paired up against; the harder modes will have you fighting SWAT units with full frontal body armor and a bad attitude, forcing you to go mostly for headshots. And similar to games Like Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor, there are special enemies who show up every so often to ruin your day. From units who will taze you, to shotgun wielding units who are almost completely impervious to damage, forcing you and your team to focus him down before he takes you all out. Replayability: Unfortunately, Payday does not have very many heists as of yet, nor does it have the community workshop; which means that before long you will have played every single heist to death. On the brighter side, Overkill is updating this game at a fairly quick pace. In the future we will certainly see more heists, and possibly workshop support, which would bolster this game's replayability significantly. So even though I don't play this as much as I did when I first got it, I'm still very anxious to see what future this game holds. Summary: Very satisfying gameplay, a bit lacking in heists and heist variety.