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Dead Space on a bigger scale.

TronLight | May 24, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

Dead Space 2 shares the same pros and cons as the first game. Not really scary (too many ammo and health-packs), but a great atmosphere. But, it takes everything Dead Space 1 had and it expands it. Now you have bigger enviroments, bigger and stronger enemies, and a more extensive story. It takes place a few years after the events of Dead Space 1. You are not on the Ishimura anymore, but on the Sprawl, a civillian colony, that has been infected by the Marker, that you though you had destroyed. You were wrong. Basic gameplay is the same, cripple your enemies and the kill them before they kill you. Your arsenal has been expanded, you have many more weapons (although I find the Plasma Cutter to be the most usefull, again) and armors. As the story progresses, you will find yourself drowning in this deeply characterized location, when most people became slave of the Marker, and started to kill each other. The atmosphere is, again, great. You'll feel completely alone and harmless against you enemies, and you'll struggle to stay sane. So, I think that Dead Space 2 is a great sequel to a great game.


Come to get scared, stay for the atmosphere

TronLight | May 24, 2013 | Review of Dead Space - PC

Depending of what kind of person you are, Dead Space can be two things: 1) Terribly scary or 2) Not scary at all. Because, no, Dead Space is no Silent Hill, or Amnesia., it won't try to scare you with psychological games. It will, instead, rely on many "jump-scare", that, again, depending of what kind of person you are, will always scare you or just for the first levels. The main problem is that by half of the game, you will already know all the tricks, you will be able to tell where monsters will spawn as soon as you set foot in a room. Plus, the abundance of ammunitions and health-pack doesn't really help getting scared. And if you play this on PC, aiming for legs and arms will be really easy, so crippling monsters will be really easy. But, beside the non-scaryness, the game is very solid. The atmosphere is really great, you'll be stucked on this spaceship full of deformed aliens that will try to kill you at your every step, giving the setting a very Alien-esque styile. Locations may become a little repetitive, because you're in this big ship, but not so much you'll want to stop playing. Gameplay is good, every weapon has 2 fire mode. Personally, I played the game only with the Plasma Cutter (the first weapon you get), because it's probably the most usefull. Isaac is not agile nor fast because of the suit his wearing, and this only adds to the pressing sensation you'll have, that you are the pray, not the hunter. To increase the tension I suggest that you play at an higher difficulty than Normal. All things considered, Dead Space is a very good game.


The only school I'd like to attend.

TronLight | April 29, 2013 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition - PC

I'm sure many people know this game as "GTA in a school". Well, you could probably say that, same way you can say that Red Dead Redemption is "GTA in the far west". But in both cases, you'd be wrong. Bully may take inspiration (and maybe a little more) by the GTA formula, but it's a completely indiependent game. The similarities are the big, fully explorable, very well detailed city, that you'll want to explore in order to discover secrets, find every collectibles and play minigames. The mission formula it's in the game too, you'll have different charcters that will give you missions. Many peoples dislike this aspect in GTA because they feel that every mission is kind of a more-of-the-same. Here, insted, every mission is pretty much unique, thanks to the new setting, so yoiu will not feel bored. The weapon system is obviously different. No guns, but a fun take on the school world equipent. Only sling-shots, firecrackers, stink-bombs and such. You won't be able to steal vehicles either, but you'll have your own bike that you can upgrade. Story-wise, the game it's the tale of a boy who want's to become the leader of the school. To do so he'll have to confront with nerds, jocks, outcasts, teacher and, of course, other bullies. The game is old, but the graphics are good because of its toon-like style. A few minor glitches on modern sistem (the worst it's the pop-up while running on the bike), but nothing that will make the game unplayable. Overall, Bully is a fantastic game and a successful experiment, witty and fun, charming in is own way, and pretty much every person that played it is waiting for a sequel. And probably you'll join this club soon.


A huge step back

TronLight | Dec. 24, 2012 | Review of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition EU - PC

Crysis 2 is a huge step back from Crysis, it take all the good things of the first and the it scales them to adapt them to the new setting. Now you're in a post-apocaliptic New York, devastated by an alien invasion, and because of this, you can say good bye to the island and the open space of the first one. The core gameplay is pretty much the same, you still have the suit, but the power activation is contestual, so when you are running o being shot at, the suit will automatically activate maximum speed or maximum armor, but the the open approach that makes the first great is really resized. Yes, you can still decide to go unnoticed or not, but the smaller areas are obviously a great limit to the interaction. Yes, it's much less straightforward than other games, but still, the downgrade from Crysis and Warhead is great. On the story side, pretty much everything that happened in Crysis is forgotten, the enemy's aspect is different and there is no metion of what happened on the island. The thing is that now the story is too serious and tries too much, but it doesn't really excels in anything. The game is still good, though, but it's overshadowed but the first game.


Pure and unadulterated fun

TronLight | Dec. 22, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

I must admit, I was pretty skeptic about this game. It looked like a no-brainer open world world game where you can basically do everything you want that would become boring after a couple of hours... And I was right, partially. You can bo whatever you want... But it doesn't get boring. The game is fun to play solo, but with a friend it becomes absolutely awesome. There are many things to do, and after you've done them you still have to discover all the secrets the game has. The storyline is cool, completely crazy and stupid, but it suits the over-the-top style of the game, with moments and character that will make you burst in laughs. The city is very big and detailed (especially for an open-world game), full of place to see and things to do, technically it very good and it runs considerably well. It's a very well crafted game, even just walk through the city in a car, with the radio, listening to the transmission, or watching tv in your crib, or starting a war in the middle of the city, everything is satisfying. Again, if you have a friend, play the game with him, it's the best thing you can do. Just forget for a moment all those game with a pompous story or deep gameplay and just enjoy some some pure fun.


Come for graphics, stay for gameplay

TronLight | Dec. 21, 2012 | Review of Crysis - PC

I'm pretty sure that every single person that knows Crysis, knows it because of it's awesome graphics... And because it's almost impossible to play at 60fps all the time even on newest hardware. The story is pretty much basic for the genre, you're a space marine on a mission to stop the bad guy to use an ancient alien weapon to conquest the world. But, there is more under the hood. In a moment when every fps it's a linear shooter full of scripts sapiently placed to make you thinks "This is awesome!" with as little interaction and exploration as possible, Crysis stands out because of it's open approach. The island will be your sandbox (no pun intended) where you will be able to explore many kind of approach, thanks to your suit, that allows you to go unnoticed thanks to the stealth system or full-on Rambo, if you want. The awesome graphics it's just the cherry on top of the cake, if you ask me, that make everything better.


Hard but not impossible

TronLight | Dec. 11, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition EU (1) - PC

Many knows Dark Souls just because of all the "It's impossible!" viral thing, but that's just one of the aspect of the game. I really want to say, if you're curious about the game, but you think you will not be able to play it because of the difficulty, you're totally wrong. Yes, the game it's difficult, but not as much as people are saying. It's all about understanding the game's pace, basically, if you rush it, you die. Many times. You need to take your time, at least at the beginning, and once you undestand the game, it'll become, not easy, just not frustrating. That said, Dark Souls is an awesome game, the art it's simply superb, the atmosphere really gets to you. Many could say that it doesn't have a story, but it does, it's just told in an unconvetional way, and it's very interesting with an awesome lore, but just like the gameplay, they don't help you, instead, you have to put together all the pieces, if you pay attention, talking with an NPC, reading an object description, exploring the world, all makes sense in the universe of the game. On a last note, avoid summoning anyone to beat a boss, just, like I said, understand it, learn the moves patterns, don't give up and you'll beat everyone.


One of the best RPG avaible

TronLight | Aug. 8, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

Deus Ex Human Revolution it's simply one of the best game (if not the best) that you can found in this generation. Before you play it, you should know, it's not an FPS, so please, don't call him like that. Deus Ex Human Revolution is an RPG where you can decide if you want to shoot someone. Because you can choose between a wide range of possibilities, like going non-lethal (with stun-gun and melee takedowns) , stealth (lethal with silenced guns and non-lethal), fps-like, or a mixed way. The cool thing is that the game keep track of your body-count, and therefore you will have a different ending depending on the number of kills you made. The gameplay is very simple, but yet very solid. It plays like an FPS, but when you're near a wall you can activate the cover system, that allow you to hide beyond a wall or every other object. It's a core mechanics, whether you choose to play like a normal FPS (because it allows you to regain health, even if not so fast, so be careful!), wheter you choose to play in a stealth way, because it allows you to spot your enemies without be seen. The game comes (like any good RPG) with a very complete but simple power-up system. You will obtain a Praxis point every level you gain, and this point can be spent into the upgrade menu to purchase augmentation. But, you can obtain Praxis not only by gaining level. You can (well, you should) explore the three big cities in the game, and by discovering secret places you may come across some praxis kit (and anyway, exploring is a fast way to gain XP points, which allows to unlock other Praxis point). On the story... Well, I don't want to spoil anything about this awesome game, but I think that if you appreciated sci-fi and fanta-politics you won't regret playing this game. On a technical side, the game is good. It's pretty well optimized, so you will be able to play it even on an older pc, but even on max settings it's not outstanding. Reflections and particles effects (smoke, fire) aren't that good, facial and body animation neither, the cities are well crafted, the atmosphere it's marvelous, but on a pure technical side there are better games. In conclusion, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game that everyone should play.