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Would love to have been able to play this properly

Truegamer | April 11, 2011 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

This game was offered for a bargain price, under £5 for a re-invention of a game i loved many years ago, 3 way story and with a face-lift to the graphics engine, also its made by Sega, whos megadrive classic games were a thing of genious, why not huh?? Well how wrong i was, sadly this game on last attempt to play (about a month ago) was way too bugy for a playthrough, i attempted it on an ati card on my laptop and my fully working desktop, searched for patches and many other advice columns, all in an attempt to get the game working without random drop outs, but alas to no evail, hopefully this will improve in the future, before the game would randomly cut out (and just that, no errors, no issues, it would simply cease to work) it looked lovely, the dx11 features and atmosphere seemed well done and edgy, the graphics were not mind blowing but still very sophisticated, and it could have had much potetial, but sadly seems like a poor console port, clearly rushed in an attempt to try and gain some of the money back before pouring more money it in, however with some more planning it would have been far more successful and made much more money. Overall id say it was too buggy to play, and would stay away from it until its patched properly, i hope to revisit this game properly when they sort the kinks out, until then i will suggest avoiding and renting a console version.


Rise from your grave, and transform on this awesome adventure!

Truegamer | April 10, 2011 | Review of Altered Beast - PC

The premise on this game is very simple, the monsters have taken over, an evil sauceror is destroying the realm and the gods have chosen you (and a friend in multiplayer mode) to fight off the waves of beasts stampeading through the lands, as you go about your travels you absorb orbs to power up and transform into all range of monsters, be it werewolves, dragons, bears and other multiple animals, this as a child would steal away alot of loose change being rather difficult yet simplistic and absolutely fantastic, fortunately i had it on the sega megadrive so my wallet was kept save in the mean times, however this didnt rob the game of any of the charms, the game does feel slightly impossible at times, and multiple attempts might be needed to just succeed through the first 3-4 levels, but atleast the replay value is more than sufficient, i still have the odd attempt at this game now, and there is always a smile on my face when i see the animals transforming one more time, give it ago, forget about dated graphics, scroll along games on the megadrive were always gold, buy it, you won't regret it, or the beasts may soon come to find you elsewhere!


Ninja fantastic

Truegamer | April 10, 2011 | Review of Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master - PC

This was one of the rare games i remember playing alot on the megadrive as a child, although incredibly difficult, it was also exceedingly awarding, having to face multiple enemies as you attempt to fight your way through the levels, in all honesty the exact plot of the game escapes me, being only about five years old and too mesmerised by swarms of enemies, as it has been so very long since i last played it, i feel the urge to give it another go myself, what i do remember as a kid is that didn't matter about the story, this game just offered heaps of fun in many forms, fighting off heaps of other ninjas through multiple locations in Japan to get to the boss, its about as megadrive classic as any game can go, have fun, have a try, it will be worth it.


Golden Axe? Golden classic

Truegamer | April 10, 2011 | Review of Golden Axe - PC

One of my earliest memories as a child was sitting on my sega megadrive playing this game sooo long they turned red and sore, yet that still didnt stop me, although its been a fair while since my last play through, it has many charms, is simplistic, addictive and the power ups and multiplayer options is always alot of fun, another game which prooves that a game graphics doesn't depict how fun it is going to be, another bargain from green man gaming, i suggest trying this mega drive classic, one of many, give it a try and see how you feel, if you like the classics, you will certainly like this.


Simple yet addictive

Truegamer | April 10, 2011 | Review of Columns - PC

I played this game as a kid, and although this is a simple tetris based game in which you remove levels as the speed steadily increases, it doesnt mean that it doesnt have its own charms and isnt a great deal of fun, on the lower to mid range levels you can simply play along for hours but still retaining all the fun and addiction similar to Tetris, seeing how long you can last before it finally gets you, those looking for a bigger and better challenge it offers a variety of more challenging levels to test the skills of the most accustomed gamer, try it out, its simple yet addictive.


Its bigger, badder and maybe better?!

Truegamer | April 9, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage 2 - PC

Streets of rage returns! And i for one am very glad it did, this time the mysterious MR X has returned from the dead and kidnapped Adam, one of the young heroes from the original game (in which i for one was most upset with as he was my favourite character) so this time Adam's little brother Skate, his friend Max (the wrestler) Blaze and Axel are back to kick even more bad guys butts in an attempt to rescue our young hero! This game is pretty much the same scroll along adventure as the first with a face lift and more funky music that i just can't get enough of, this is all the fun and adventure of the first with more of it and some fancy new moves and bad-arse bosses, Skate and max are lovely additions as well as the new vs. mode to fight with a friend, this is well worth a few quid if not more as it is without a doubt an amazing scroll along game, do the right thing and buy this game, you wont regret it! Is it as good as the first, i will let you decide!


Return of the little blue speedster

Truegamer | April 9, 2011 | Review of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - PC

If you have read my review for the first sonic the hedgehog game you will know that i am a fan of the scroll along series, as a child i always struggled to get past the 1st level of this game, being about four years old and not quite understanding the concept of alternating buttons in unison to get across a canyon was well beyond my young mind, however now i have matured some what and games have become far more sophisticated i have more than grassped the concept and can truly see the potential behind this game, this offers more of the first games sense of fun, simplisity and challenge but just even more of it, but this time there includes the option to play along with a friend, and we all know tales is awesome right? or atleast gaming with a friend is alot more fun atleast, if you are a fan of the first game and want to see what else this has to offer id totally try it out, don't let dated graphics get you down, this is fun for a very reasonable price, good work sega!


Hey Little Sister, ain't that....... a Big Daddy?!?

Truegamer | April 9, 2011 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

Bioshock is back baby, and this time Rapture is in a worse state than ever before, after completing the rather compelling and excellently constructed Bioshock, this sequeal, although undertaken by a compeltely different design team, still has charms well worth visiting. This time round you play a big daddy, yes one of those scary monsters storming around the original game, with the added ability to shoot and use powers simultaneously and the stamina to really take a beating, my only gripe is that it robs the game of some of the challenge set in the original, (especially in regard to choosing wheather to shoot or use powers) but this is a take it or leave it design feature in which im expecting very mixed views on if its an improvement. Is it as good as the original game, no sadly not quite, but it still has some of the original charms, familiar faces and voices of the original cast and is good to play through a few times over without being bored, i suggest playing through the first game before undertaking Bioshock 2, just to appreciate the story-line that much more, but nevertheless this game is well worth a few pounds and a few hours. Take the time needed and buy it, you will have a good time with it.


Sonic Scrolling Games, the way it should be!

Truegamer | April 8, 2011 | Review of Sonic the Hedgehog - PC

With the recent release of Sonic the Hedgehog four, Sega has obviously been reinvesting company time and effort into a HD version of this awesome classic, therefore many people might well wonder one thing, is the original worth the time or money? The simple answer my friends is yes, for those who love the new improved pc gaming with stunning visuals and extended game play - you might want to stick to the latest line of sonic stardom (if any sonic titles catch your eye that is?) but try putting those modern graphics aside for a moment and judge a game simply for its uniqueness, fun, addictive gameplay and pleasures - if this fits your criteria, sonic will be a high hitter. I for one fully believe this is worth the time, effort and money spent, just to relive how a classic Sonic game came to be and why the original team reverted to this style for the modern classic, this is how the little speedster should be, battling it out with scroll along monsters, going through several simple (but still challenging) levels on his way to beat the evil Dr. Robotnick (or whatever name they have given Sonics arch nemesis these days) my recommendation is too buy it, test it, and try it, and for only a few quid, i mean why not?!?


Good Artic adventure, but still feels alittle cold

Truegamer | April 8, 2011 | Review of Cryostasis - PC

This game combines a mix of good and bad aspects, the positives contain great atmosphere and a fairly compitent storyline, but sadly due to a few awkward controls (especially with regard to shooting), strange system requirements and bugs it just let itself slide alittle, all of which felt avoidable with alittle more preperation. Nevertheless the games storyline opens in the base of a ship which crashed in the artic, it doesnt take long to realise that you are discovering the origins behind its crash whilst fighting off zombie-esk monsters, and trying to change the fate of certain unfortunate crew members (all subsequent scenes contain a very visually pleasing special effect when travelling back in time, this perhaps being the most visually pleasing aspect in the game). This game for me is fairly good but little better than average, for a single playthrough it is worth a few hours, however there isnt anything that compels me to come back and revisit it anytime soon (if ever), the shooting aspect, although unique, is very slow paced and the [also unique] health source can become tiresome, i'd recommened this game for those only interested in unfolding stories and mysteries and defintately not a dedicated FPS fan. Additionally the system recommendations seem very unproportional with no explained reason, the game is not particularly visually outstanding but requiring more power than Crysis (the ATI/AMD mid range cards and below seem to suffer alot, id recommended for Nvidia cards). Overall id say this game is not bad but not worth much more than a few pounds and a few hours of anyones given time.


El Presidente! We need you!

Truegamer | April 7, 2011 | Review of Tropico 3 - PC

To be frank i was unsure if i was going to enjoy the Tropico game, over the years I hadn't heard much about it outside its seemingly cult following, however over christmas when one of those oh so tempting sales take over your senses and your wallets (we have all been there) i thought id take a chance and dive in, and in all honesty im glad i did, the strategy aspect is very entertaining and well constructed, developed and logical, it has the ability to test those with more stratigical knowledge but at the same time with different options be relaxed enough for those who just want to have a fun time ruling over the country. If asked whether i'd recommend it in all honesty i would say yes, there is plenty of replay value and can be enjoyed for a few days every few months, personally i don't often have the urge to dive into the game but those who love strategy its a must have, for those who love these or other similar sim/strategy orinated worlds with a combination of city building then its more than worth the current £14.95 price tag, for those who are unsure i would still recommend it on the next sale comes around, as who knows it might well surprise you!


Free it! Fight it! But it! You certainly won't regret it!

Truegamer | April 4, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage - PC

Felling nostalgic? I certainly was! This is the game of my childhood, this is proof that a game doesn't have to have cutting edge graphics to be unbelievably fun, this is worth your money! So i ask you, are you yurning for a simplier time where badguys were just that? BAD! Then this is where you want to be, forget about all those troubles of moral implications, fighting your inner demons over which side to pick (choosing whether to blow up Megaton in Fallout 3 comes to mind) this is real, this is both revenge and justice, this is the STREETS OF RAGE! with nothing but your fists and a few friends for company, and 'only' a city full of bad-guys between you and your target, nothing can stop you! Following suit of the scroll along games of the 1990s, this game doesn't take more than a few hours to complete, aslong as your not beaten up along the way, but to hell with it, those few hours will be some of the most guilt-free pleasurable hours your likely to face, your start to think it is illegal, and as for replay value, let's just say i have completed it one too many times more than i'd care too remember. The play-through is simple, you choose one of three young head strong ex cops out to take out MR X, the mob boss whos taken over the city, through several levels of broken down streets that look like the set of a batman movie, you will face countless enemies, boss fights, music you will head-bob too without knowing it (trust me, its amazing) and several fun thrashing levels you won't care how dated it looks, this is class, this is good vs. evil, this is the streets of rage and all you could ask for from a game of this type, my only wish is that all games made you feel this good, i won't give anymore away, but for only a few pounds, you would be silly not to try it!