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Why Not Get DiRT 3 Instead?

Tubbzie | March 31, 2013 | Review of WRC 3 - PC

I decided to give this game it's Metacritic score purely because I thought that although it didn't deserve higher, it certainly doesn't deserve lower. Pound for pound, it doesn't stack up against DiRT 3 in pretty much any area of play; graphics, audio, style, level design, control, overall DiRT 3 is just more of a solid game. That doesn't mean there isn't anything here though - if you aren't interested in all the drift-styled gymkhana that DiRT 3 shoves in your face rather unwillingly, and are looking for a 'true rallying game' then this is the closest you're going to find out of all the modern 'rallying' thoroughbred games. The control scheme is competent and the career mode, if sometimes tantalizingly basic, and entertaining play. Overall, if you're looking a for the overall rally experience, head over to DiRT 3 for more bang for you buck - but if you're looking for something deeper, maybe a true representation of hurtling through Finland at 80mph half an inch away from the nearest treeline, then this is the closest thing you can buy this side of 2009.