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Great game but not perfect

UberGeekGamer | July 15, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

I've been waiting for this game since I saw it in Game Informer a long time ago and when that day finally came I was as happy as a squirrel with a sack of nuts. I started the game and was amazed by the pure eye candy that was the graphics; the water effects looked better then any other game I've played before, level textures were great, and the only real graphics that weren't awesome was the faces. As I continued on I started to notice what was the real appeal that drew me in to System Shock and F.E.A.R. which was the very atmospheric and creepy music and sound effects which scared me a couple times and the voice acting was also awesome and gave all the characters real depth. The guns in the game felt great even though they were really standard for a FPS and the addition of Plasmids (genetic power ups that gave you lightning, fire, ice, telekinesis. etc.) were great at first but became a novelty pretty quick because I was really only using the lightning bolt the majority of the time. Story is what kept me going (as it should have 'cause it is a single player game only) and getting the good ending, while short, was great and rewarding. Over all it's a great game but not as great as say Half-Life 2 but a must buy/play none the less.


WarGames the game

UberGeekGamer | July 15, 2013 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies Steam - PC

As a geek one of my favorite movies is WarGames where a hacker breaks into a military computer and starts playing a game of global thermal nuclear war with a advanced AI computer that the computer later trys to make real. Well DEFCON is that game. The game was a really simple premise pick a side at the start and progress through the defcon levels setting up for when defcon 1 is reached and nuclear fallout begins. Defcon 5 is were players start setting up radar, bases, silos, airfields, and the naval fleet. Defcon 4 the radar starts to work. At Defcon 3 players can't build anymore but by then they should be trying to explore a little with the navy and find out the best places to attack when Defcon 1 is reached and players can finally deploy nukes. Single player Defcon gets really old fast but playing multiplayer can be really fun as players can make alliances with friends and attack their enemies together or turn on one another in the midst of conflict. Multiplayer also has some great alternatives to play like Office mode where the game is played in real time so it can take 6+ hours to finish and also if the player need to hide the game from the boss they just need to press Esc and the game is minimized and a word document is opened. Speed mode is what is sounds like as the game can finish in under 30 minutes and Diplomacy mode is where all players are on the same team and can see everything until one breaks off and attacks. Graphics are minimal but really stylish in bringing a real life WarGame game. Sound is really simple and subtle that is makes you feel like the player isn't really playing game but playing real nuclear war. Overall the game is really good and worth every penny.


A Cool Parkour Simulator

UberGeekGamer | July 15, 2013 | Review of Mirrors Edge NA ORIGIN - PC

EA for the past couple years have been stale and boring and not releasing anything really great or innovative. But EA has seems to have turned a new leaf with the past couple releases including Mirror's Edge. The game is about Faith, a runner in a futuristic totalitarian world were everyone is under surveillance and any opposition to the powers at are quelled. Faith finds herself part of a murder plot and she goes out to finds out the who's and why's. Mirror's Edge main attraction is the gameplay as all of it is from a first person view and most of the time the player is running around climbing, jumping, sliding, and flying around than shooting. It's a weird experience to play and would advise people that are susceptible to motion sickness to either take precautions or not play the game. Controls for the game are pretty easy to get used to so most players should be pulling the basic maneuvers pretty fast. Graphics are kinda mix bag for me as the textures are nice but not great because everything is white washed, even though it fits the primary color's only future. Music is pretty good and fits to the game well blending into the background making the player feel like Faith is wearing a MP3 player while running. Plus the theme to the game, Still Alive sung by Lisa Miskovsky, really nice sounding. The only thing I really found annoying is the story is very simple and short and that the combat is very limited and needs work but overall the game is really good and would like to see a sequel sometime is the future.


Who Needs 3D?

UberGeekGamer | July 15, 2013 | Review of Darwinia Steam - PC

In the genre of real-time strategy, every game touts complete 3D units, maps, effects, etc. and it seems hard to really distinguish between them and see any innovating features. But along comes Darwinia that decided to simplify both the graphics and gameplay and created a wonderful game. Darwinia stars the player as a internet wanderer that stumbles upon a network filled with little A.I. creatures that Dr. Sepulveda created in order to research how they grow and evolve. But at the time the player enters, the network has been almost completely overrun by a virus and nearly destroyed the entire environment. And through the rest of the game the player must help the Dr. eradicate the virus and find the cause in order to bring back the world of Darwinia to its former glory. Anyone that has played a real time strategy game will notice that Darwinia is a really simplified RTS were instead of managing resources, dozens of unit types to choose from, and hundreds of units to organize the player only has to manage a couple of "programs"; soldiers, gatherers, airstrikes, transport/machine gun nest and the Darwinians themselves through a task manager so that the player can take control over. Graphically the game is a interesting one as it's the not the graphical power house that every game out today is but is very simple and is a bit of a throwback to old school pixelated games, there is even a setting in the games options that read "I need a upgrade." Really it is very possible to run the game on high settings while on a netbook or 5-6 year old computer. The sound is a soothing electronica, which I'm not a fan for but fits the game exceptionally and the effects of the surroundings and weapons are loud and powerful and isn't bad for digitally created. For all RTS fans, Darwinia is a no brainer. But for players that have never played any or very many RTS's, Darwinia is simple enough to pick up and play and are sure to have fun.