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Great sequel. Too many cutscenes

UltraGT | Sept. 2, 2012 | Review of Max Payne 3 - PC

Max Payne is back in all its slow-mo glory. This is, without a doubt, the most intense and enjoyable 3rd Person Shooter of the whole generation. The shootouts are pure adrenaline, the physics system is impressive and the Noir feeling of the first two games is still there, despite the sunny Brazilian setting. Also, the characterization of Max as a broken man is really well done. The downside to this is the excessive amount of cutscenes playing during the game. You can't walk through more than two rooms in a row without getting some annoying (and in most cases, pointless) cutscenes in the middle. In most cases, it breaks the flow of the action. A fewer number of them would have made for a perfect experience. The multiplayer is quite forgettable, but you can have a nice time with it by unlocking the usual weapons and costumes. If you ask me, I'd tell you to get this game whether you are a fan of the original games or not.


Nice (and necessary) addition to the core game

UltraGT | Feb. 12, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand DLC - PC

There's been a lot of talk already about Battlefield 3. One of the main criticisms about it was the small scale and narrow design of most maps, like the dreadful Operation Metro, leaving only a few (Caspian Border, Firestorm,...) to maintain the true 'Battlefield' play-style. Luckily, this DLC package fixes that: we get 4 BIG classic maps from BF2 and 1942, with lots of vehicular combat and many ways to approach the objective and flank the enemy. Wake Island is probably the weakest in that regard, but still enjoyable. Plus, we can unlock some new weapons (though a few seem a little unbalanced). Overall it's a great map pack, with the only downside being the price. Paying almost 15€ for 4 maps and some weapons may be a little excessive. Of course, if you are a COD fan you may be used to it already.


Against all odds, a true heir to the Deus Ex style

UltraGT | Oct. 13, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

I was frankly surprised by how good this game turned out to be. There was a lot of expectation for this prequel to a legendary game, but I'm glad to say it delivered. Levels with multiple paths, different approaches to combat or stealth, great conspiracy-themed story, awesome art style...oh, and this time the gunplay is nice and satisfying, unlike DE1. It's true that it has some minor annoyances, the main one being the crappy boss battles, along with an unbalanced economy and too many praxis points at the end of the game...but like I said, minor things for an otherwise excellent Deus Ex successor. This is, without a doubt, one of the best (if not the best) games I played this year.


Great story, great visuals, horrible ending

UltraGT | Oct. 13, 2011 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

A great sequel to a great game. The Witcher was a precious gem back in 2007, though a little flawed and corky. The second part has been vastly improved and really shines with the new CDP engine, showing some landscapes that will literally make you hold your breath just to appreciate the beauty of it. The strong points of the first part are still there: great story, grey moral decisions, no shame in showing mature themes properly, great atmosphere... The main difference now is in the combat system, much more focused on action and skill but very dynamic and challenging. The only downside for me was the rather abrupt ending: all the loose ends were closed in a hurry and the final battle was kinda anticlimatic. However, that won't be a problem for enjoying this wonderful game, now improved by the 2.0 version, which fixes all the remaining bugs and adds new content and difficulty modes. A must-have for RPG lovers.


A flawed gem

UltraGT | Sept. 23, 2011 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

It's not the best action, stealth, or RPG game. Yet it tries to do all three genres at the same time, failing and succeeding in mixed ways. The levels feel a little too linear and narrow for a stealth game, the graphics are bland and uninteresting and the shooting mechanics don't feel too good, being stat-based. On the other hand, the story and characters (Steven Heck rules!) are great. The dialogues are exciting and fluid as well, leading to many tense or extreme situations where you have to pick your answer quickly. But where this game really shines is in the action-consequence department. The amount of choices is INMENSE, leading to a lot of different outcomes. I have already replayed the game 3 times and I'm still seeing new conversations or getting new info that I couldn't discover in previous playthroughs. It's a shame this game wasn't polished enough because it could have been a masterpiece, instead of becoming a flawed gem and gaining the status of 'cult game'.