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Greatest Zombie game I've ever tried. My personal GOATEE.

Ulysses | Sept. 25, 2011 | Review of Dead Island - PC

You start out having to chose one of four protagonists (Each of them has their own unique story, weapon specialization aswell as most of their skills being unique to them) - One of the great things about this game is the ability to explore most of the island without doing a single mission, and with scaling zombies, you wont be arse-raped for doing so. (I myself spend four hours on exploration before doing the 3rd step of the main mission) The missions in themselves are quite great, and many of the side-missions are either hillarious, eerie or plain wierd. (And the game contains many easter-eggs, including some for League of Legends, LOST and quite alot of other games and movies) Now, Dead island in itself is a great game, one which I've been waiting for, for quite a long time. And now that its here... I bloody love it. Its a terrific game, and its got quite alot of hillarious moments, and even more of these moments (and even more fun overall) when playing with friends. Its VERY melee-oriented, and quite oriented on playing with friends (Or strangers, in coop) - The "drop in n' drop out" coop-system works wonders at times, where people may drop into your game (if you've allowed them to do such, through your settings) and it can create strange, wierd and funny moments. The mechanics behind killing zombies are the best out there (Being able to break individual bones - Spines, skulls and such, with blunt weapons - Being able to cut off the tiniest of parts with sharp weapons, etc.) - For example; You're up on the roof of a building, theres a zombie chasing you there; What do you do? You kick it off the roof, and if it so happends to land on its head, it'll break its spine and die! (And theres a chance of this happening when they land on their backs from a decent height) - This quite advanced system allows for very fun times, and hillarious moments. (Breaking both arms of a zombie, whom just stands there swinging his hanging-limbs at you. Its great!) And I must say, I do love the crafting system aswell as the skill-system (Very RPG-ish, with three different skill-trees.) Sadly, its a somewhat buggy game, and its got quite alot of quirks (some being annoying, like bouncing off of things when you jump at 'em) and the quite bad driving-physics. Nevertheless, I'd say its definitely worth every damned penny (Although, I got it for about 27 euro here on GMG) - I can very much recommend this game if you're either into gory games, plain Zombie-killing games, horror games (I've screamed like a little girl at many occasions.), survival games, action-RPGs or just plain, good co-op fun with your friends! I'll give it a 95-score, as it is thusly, my Game of the Year (My Goatee.) So, to sum it up; This is a game most gamers wouldnt want to miss out on. (But of course, it'd be best, as always, if you can fetch it for cheap here on GMG)