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Fun open world racing

UnH | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted - PC

Most Wanted is a great open world racing game, especially for Burnout Paradise fans. It has stuff you know from burnout, like big city with mountains and a lot off-road shortcuts, gates and billboards to smash, jumps, takedowns and so on. Racing is fun, fast and arcadey, but the handling could be better, it's not bad, but was better in Burnout. The career is a bit broken, because you don't unlock licenses and new cars, you just find them standing in different parts in the city. Each car has 5 races connected with it and that's all. If you want to try different races, you should switch cars. It's a good thing if you want to try all the cars, but not that great if you rather stick to your favorite vehicle. And the races starts to repeat after a while, becuase they are not unique to one vehicle, there are about 40 cars and 60 races. But apart from the strange career the game is really fun cars are fast and pretty, the city is big and holds many secrets, so you will have great fun uncovering them all.


Beautiful adventure

UnH | Jan. 2, 2014 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

Brothers is a beautiful fairy tale told by the means of a computer game. It's a tale that can be funny and full of adventure but sometimes can be also scary, sad and very emotional. The player can quickly get attached to the characters and care for their fates. The game has a very clever use of controller, each brother is controlled by one controller stick and a trigger, so you use your left hand for older brother and the right for the younger one. Graphics are simple, without any fancy effects, but the overall art style is simply gorgeous. Only real flaw of this game is it's length (approximately 3 hours) but on the other hand, longer play would make the whole experience watered down. If you like to feel emotions during play, want to try something new and different from typical action games Brothers if for you!


Nice but doesn't offer much

UnH | Nov. 15, 2012 | Review of Death Rally - PC

The game is really fun and addictive, but only in the beginng. After then it can get repetitive. Unfortunately, there are only few tracks to race on and in order to progress in the game and unlock everything you will have to repeat races on the same track. A lot. The amount of cars isn't huge either, there are only few of them. But apart from the lack of content game has this magical touch that keeps you glued to your screen. I couldn't finish until I unlocked everything there was to unlock. Racing is fun, blowing your opponents to pieces is pleasing and rewarding. I loved huntig for bosses and seeing their cars explode! Unfortunately, due to the lack of content I unlocked everything and beat the game in 7 hours, there is not much to do after that. But nonetheless I really liked this game


Zombie H'n'S

UnH | Nov. 15, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Previous reviews says that is an RPG, for me it's closer to hack'n'slash in first person, something simillar to Borderlands. We've got open world here, main and optional quest, weapons with stats that get better and better as you progress, your character is gaining experience, levels and skills. I'm now playing Borderlands 2 and this game so I see a lot of similarities. If you like that kind of games and fancy killing some zombie you should give this game a try. And try coop, this game is much much better when playing with friends!


Better than then first

UnH | June 21, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

Bioware did a great job with taking what was good in the first game and throwing away not so good elements. Exploring thousands of same looking planets and boring mako driving is gone but it is unfortunately repleced by not-so-boring-as-mako-driving but still quite boring minigame. They get rid of the equipment chaos by limiting items only to few. RPG elements are simplified, maybe too much, but for me ME was always rather a guns and conversations game than a real hardcore cRPG. And for the guns, the shooting parts are much much better. They are more dynamic, action gives excitement and never gets boring, opposing to ME1. Your commrades are more interesting than in the first one. They have better background stories, and each one have 2 missions for them, one is recruiting them, and second is a loyality mission. Unfortunately, that is all as for the story, you just collect your team, do some trip here and there to help your companions with their problems and after that there's the final fight. So, the story is not so good as the first one, but in the other hand the game is about your teammates, so you are more attached to them. Thanks to that, the final fight can be really dramatic. :)


Could have been much better

UnH | Jan. 4, 2012 | Review of Far Cry 2 - PC

Far Cry 2 is a good game. Unfortunately it is only good. The first impression for me was stunning, but the more I played, the more cracks begun to appear. Let's start with the visuals. The graphics in this game are absolutely gorgeous! Lush jungles, hot, sandy deserts, savanna with wild animals and muddy rivers, it's all here. It's like all that Africa has to offer was packed in one small country torn apart by war. It's a really joy to wander through such beautiful terrains and shoot baddies. You can see the trips to Africa that Ubisoft guys had gone on really paid off. Far Cry 2 is an open world shooter. You take a mission, get it done, and then return for a payment. The story is almost nonexistent, there is some, but I found it boring and didn't bother to pay attention to it. The missions mostly consist of travelling from one point of the country to another and then shooting bad people. Main story missions offers some twist to that style, and are quite varied so they can keep interested, but I can't say the same about side quests. They all the same, just go to a place on map, kill all the people then return. It gets boring pretty fast, so I recommend either to skip them or play the game in small portions. For me it was game's main flaw, not offering much variety. Gunfights are really good. Far Cry leans toward realism, so you can't rush fights like action movie hero. Instead you have to be careful and think about your next move. But don't take me wrong, fighting here doesn't resemble chess and it can get really intense. The game gives you quite a choice of various weapons, so each shootout can be different. The AI is decent and sometimes can do a surprising maneuver. Unfortunately, your enemies from time to time have a tendency to do something stupid, funny or strange. The main problem with fighting are posts. Imagine you drive your car to a mission. After a while you encounter a camp full of enemies, they're on almost every road crossing in the game's world. You get out of your car and kill them all. Then you go back to your car and continue to do your mission. You get it done, and something like 5 minutes later you driving back through the same post. And enemies are back there, happily greeting you with their guns. They respawn almost instantly. It can be really annoying because it slows down the game and it is just ridiculous. I have good times with Far Cry 2, but the boredom and respawning enemies spoiled a bit this beautiful African adventure for me. You should give a try, especially if you like open world games and intense gunfights. Just remember to skip sidequests they're not worth your time.


Game with wasted potential

UnH | July 29, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

Assassin's Creed looked like really great at first. Fresh gameplay mechanics, great atmosphere of middle east cities, beautiful graphics. But when i was doing my third assassination a brutal truth appeared to me: it was the same as previous two mission. And same as forth, fifth and so on. This is the main flaw of this game, it is highly repetitive. You go to diffrent city, 3 in total, to do almost the same tasks: pickpocket somebody, eavesdrop a conversation, assissanate a guard or archer and few more (but total amount of tasks is about 10 or 12). Apart from that you in each city you look for high spots (towers, churches etc.) and rescues citizens from city guards. After that you do your assasination. And that's it. For nine times you do almost completly the same! Some small task, which variety ends after second contract and the big killing. Gets old pretty fast. The game could be really good. As for myself, to enjoy it I played it for about half a year, doing breaks to forget what it was about and then came back. That way it was quite nice experience:)