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A unique twist on the ever popular Tower Defense formula

UnMute | Aug. 5, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

My first thought upon playing this game is "Why has no one thought of this before?". Sanctum goes to show that Tower Defense fused with FPS gameplay works, and it works brilliantly. The gameplay consists of building weaponized towers to aid you in defending a core. You can also upgrade three different weapons that you carry around to increase the chances of core survival. It has an impressive graphics department, since it's powered by Unreal Technology. That is something not many independent game developers can brag about. Coffee Stain Studios, as they are called, put a lot of detail into their maps. It's just too bad that at the moment, there are only five maps to choose from, and that would be my only real complaint about this game. Though recently they added four player coop and new maps, which shows their intention of improving their game with free content updates. All in all a great game for it's price, fun to play with friends, but gets quite boring fast if you're playing alone.