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This is not Heat. Avoid at all costs.

Uppland | May 2, 2013 | Review of Kane and Lynch Pack - PC

tldr: It's a shooting gallery with psychic enemies that pop their heads up once in a while to snipe you in your face from afar, when you zoom in on them they duck and let their friends fire at you from somewhere else. This is repeated thoughout the game. So I got interested in getting KaL after having seen the trailer and remembering the shoot out sequence from the movie Heat. I never got around to play the first KaL but later I saw the KaL 2 bowling ball on CC TV trailer and thought I had to get this one. Surely the developers must have learned from the critizisms that targetted the first game? Well no. While the story and setting is good, and Lynch is a really badass character, this game is not worth even 5 bucks. In fact I think watching a play through on yt is a better experience than playing it yourself. I played it on the 360 with a controller, maybe it will be better playing with a mouse. But still. Save your money.