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Total War: Attila

Userhand9365 | March 26, 2015 | Review of Total War Attila - PC

Here we are again, after the disappointing release and numerous amount of patch that Total War Rome II had delivered, Attila is certainly a better title than its predecessor. Pros: Dynamic gameplay – One major change in Attila from Rome II is that factions can do great migration which allows the faction to be more dynamic to invade other countries with full force rather than leading a large force all the time to capture and conquer places near its own territory. This allows more unpredictability to the gameplay and requires players to adjust their tactics. Campaign interface – Certainly a better looking interface compare to Rome II. Political system – the new political system revived the family tree system back into the gameplay and other feature to keep the balance of power within a faction is more interesting than any of the Total War games had provided. However, this can also be frustrating at times since the some weird decision can cause your generals or leaders ineffective in battle or in political balance. Naval Battles - The naval battle in Attila is much better than Rome II as the AI now engages your fleet rather than standing around doing nothing. Aside from that, the boarding system runs smoother than in Rome II. Graphics – Some minor improvements over Total War Rome II but overall looks similar. Cons: Steam Workshop - Creative Assembly (CA) has not yet offer mod workshop at this point so we will have to wait for a while. Units – The variety of units is limited for certain factions which are a little disappointing. Factions – The East, West Roman empires and the Huns are the notable factions in this game but other than that there are not a lot of factions to choose from in the base game. Overall, I think Total War Attila has major gameplay improvement over Total War Rome II when comparing both game qualities at launch date. There is some potential to improve this game further along the road so I would recommend buying this game for a cost of $30, if possible and if you played Total War Rome II and skeptic about this one. Otherwise, for new players, $40 is not a bad price for this game.


Nice addition to the series but with terrible launch

Userhand9365 | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Here are the pros and cons that I complied for this game: Pros: Large Campaign Map - Rome II offers large campaign map for players to fight for like in Medieval II Total War so it can easily take more time for player to reach victory condition than in Shogun II Total War. Victory Conditions - Instead of plainly destroy your enemies nations or even allies, this game offers cultural and economic victory conditions (similar to Civilization 5). They also group those short-term, long-term and domination victory condition which previous titles have into military victory. Steam Workshop - Just like Shogun II Total War, Creative Assembly (CA) offers modders to contribute to this game by providing a platform for the mod to be easily download, install, and use by many other players to enhance their gaming experience with Rome II. This feature is included in patch 5 of the game. Naval Battles - The naval battle in Rome II is pretty fun as it challenges player to use certain tactics to protect transports or to ram enemy's general or the entire unit into the bottom of the sea. The hybrid of naval and land battle provides a new way to secure a victory, especially in siege battles. Units - Romans, Chariots, Elephants, Hoplites. Enough said. Graphics - Similar to Shogun II Total War, this game delivers stunning graphics but with some flaws. Cons: The major issue about this game is the bugs and bot reaction to the players' actions. These problems are heavily affecting the game quality when it first launches. The reason is that Rome II bots are worst than any other previous titles as they are unresponsive to what building player build or units that they train. Even in Legendary difficulty, the bots are still too passive and will only build bunch of useless units to defend themselves. Also the diplomatic system is also a disappointment as bots do not care to trade with the player even when they are the player's client states or allies. The battles are also way too short (like 5-10 mins) due to the ridiculous morale setting for the units. However, to be fair, majority of these issues are fixed and addressed by CA patches (5 in total for now) and if not, by the mods that are available to the players. The battles also got improvement with the unit morale and damages but the time needed to win or lose a fight is still too short (like around 8-15 mins per battle). Co-op Campaign - CA patches are more focus on the single player campaign fixes which left out the important problems that exist in the Co-op campaign. Although recent patch stabilizes the game, the Co-op campaign still need further fixing to address some bugs and crashes. Victory Points in Battle - One of the major change in battle is that CA decide to put stupid victory point in siege battle or any type or assault on general's fortification. I do not like this system as it seems totally pointless when you can just defeat enemy's army and win. Overall, I think Total War Rome II is a fun, interesting RTS game with unexplored potential and bugs that needed to be addressed. It is a nice installment to Total War franchise. To me, I think the game does worth 80 points for now (60 at launch) and $30.


A level up from Battlefield 3

Userhand9365 | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Here are the pros and cons that I complied for this game: Pros: Dynamic Environment - Battlefield 3 already allows players to feel the changing environment of the war zone when covers can be blown to pieces or building collapsing which affects the players' reflexes and decisions. Battlefield 4 take this aspect to a whole new level when incorporating more destructible buildings, covers and objects, along with the changing environment or weather conditions in maps like Flood Zone and Parcel Storm. The game also introduce interactions with objects like power generators and elevators to change certain environment in the battlefield. Commander Mode Return - Since Battlefield 2 and 2142, the commander mode returns in Battlefield 4 and there is a huge difference that makes the mode much more fun than before. First, artillery strikes available in Battlefield 2 is replaced with gunships or cruise missiles (depend on the map). Second, there are no bonus x2 for the winning team commander which balances the scoring system. Third, commanders are able to call UAV or EMP-UAV to areas to assist squads. Lastly, new features of commander include pointing out high value targets for the team to eliminate and promote squads. Field Score System - Instead of personal boost or squad boost in Battlefield 3, the field score system allows the squad to work for the boost through teamwork instead of leveling. This allows squad members to have an edge against the enemies. Field scores resets when everyone in the squad died which makes teamwork more crucial. Guns and Gadgets - There are changes in the guns and gadgets available in different class. I am not going to list the new guns and gadgets here but you can certainly find out it the battlefield related websites like The main thing about guns and equipment in Battlefield 4 is that there are varieties of attachments available and well organized within the game. The attachments are usually acquired through kills but also can be unlocked through Battlepacks (new feature in Battlefield 4 where players can get these packs and unlock new items like dogtags, attachments, exp boost, etc.). Graphics - Just like Battlefield 3, this game delivers stunning graphics. Cons: Single Player Campaign- Although the bots in Battlefield 4 is more responsive to player's action in the campaign, their actions are still too dumb (the bots will take cover but always stick their head out for you). Also the story line of campaign is not really attractive enough for me to really pay attention to it. The single player is not as dull as the previous title but has lots of room to improve. Co-op Mode - It is really disappointing that DICE decided to remove Co-op feature from Battlefield 4. Personally, I like to play with friends in the Co-op mode in Battlefield 3 and was hoping that they would expand this part of the game. It is kind of sad they replace the Co-op feature with Missions, which is where you can challenge your friends by competing in multiplayer (cool concept but I still like Co-op better). Server Lags, Bugs and Crashes - Similar to Battlefield 3, this game also experience some degree of crashes and lag in the first week of its launch. Although DICE rolled out patches to try fixing the issues, I still experience crashes from time to time. However, I do think that these crashes will be fixed later on. Overall, I think Battlefield 4 is a fun, intense and interesting FPS game. It is also a great installment to an already awesome franchise. To me, I think the game does worth 90 points and $59.99 (but with GMG, it should be cheaper). Therefore, GEAR UP AND GET YOUR SQUAD TOGETHER!! I will see you on the Battlefield :)