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No online play, losing a lot of potential

Vahgrant | June 9, 2013 | Review of LEGO Complete Pack - PC

All those games are really good, they are hilarious and tons of fun to play in coop. They also respect and follow as good as possible each of their respective universe. But the main flow of these games is the lack of online play! Why? I mean why would you create a game meant to be coop without at least putting some LAN possibility because the game now looses almost all its interest. It sure is fun to play but it would be clearly better if it had some online option. Well to get back to the games, they are quite long, like 10 hours for each if you are kinda fast and it can get up to 30 hours if you wanna get all bonuses and secrets, also, these games have some high replay values, you could play it alone, with a friend, then get back to it with another etc... So if you don't mind playing alone, or if you have someone who could come to your place to play then grab those games and have fun! Otherwise wait for the online option to be put in the next game... Maybe


Not as good as the first

Vahgrant | June 9, 2013 | Review of Puzzle Agent 2 - PC

I had tons of fun playing the first Puzzle Agent, it was fun and refreshing, so I expected kind of a lot from this sequel and obviously I was disappointed. First of all, the game takes place right after the events from Scoggins with our Agent realizing that not all of the mysteries were solved, so he decides to go back to this small city to put an end to the case. The game is similar his predecessor in terms of ambiance and humor which is kinda cool but it's also similar regarding the puzzles, way too similar. The puzzles are mostly some kind of rips-off of the first game, only a few are actually new and that is the main problem about Puzzle Agent 2, there is almost nothing new. So if you liked the first Puzzle Agent mostly for its storyline, get it now, on this side it's not disappointing and it lives up to the first game. However if you liked the first game for its puzzles, give it a try but do not expect much from it


A great surprise

Vahgrant | June 7, 2013 | Review of Puzzle Agent - PC

I did not expect much from Puzzle Agent, I got it for cheap in a bundle with other Telltale games and it turned out to be a really amusing game. At first sight, the game seemed odd to me, mostly because of the animations with characters moving while skipping some movements but you get used to it and it gives an identity adding the simple design of the environments and characters which is kinda cool overall. The storyline and ambiance were inspired by TV Shows like Twin Peaks, A FBI Agent coming to a small town to solve a mystery while talking to his tape recorder, but instead of getting a professional Agent in a welcoming town, we see a shy and non-confident hero trying to understand a town populated by mentally-ill and weird persons making each encounters tons of fun to watch. The plot is both interesting, with lots of questions you want to be answered, and funny which is kinda rare in today's games. Moreover the voice acting is pretty good adding to the funny ambiance. Speaking of funny, the game is simply hilarious, between stupid scenes and dialogues you clearly cannot get that stupid smile off your face for those 4 hours you'll spend on the game, it is really refreshing. About puzzle, the game is kinda mixed, there is mostly good and not too hard-not too easy puzzles but sometimes there are puzzles that do not make much sense but these are quite rare. So yeah, if you love puzzles, humor and original storylines grab the game, it's cheap and really fun.


Finally a good game about sweeping!

Vahgrant | May 8, 2013 | Review of Dustforce - PC

I usually don't like hard platformers like Super Meat Boy because they're insanely hard just to be so, so I tried Dustforce without really expecting anything out of it and I was really surprised. Indeed, even though the game is hard and you have to restart the level all over again sometimes, it's really fun. First of all, the game is, graphically talking, beautiful, the animations are flawless and the level design very well done. The controls also are amazing, if ever your characters falls or if he doesn't move the way you wanted it will be your fault, yours only, because the gameplay never fails, every moves are well distinguished. So if you fail doing something you won't end up blaming the game and raging like hell because you're the one to blame, it will force you to get better and to try understanding what you're doing wrong. Another part of the game is the Nexus, the place where you select all your levels, it is a really good idea, it allows you to never stop playing which is somewhat a little annoying in other games. Moreover, there is a level editor with which you can create your levels and there also is a system called "Atlas" allowing you to download other people's maps really easily. And finally my personal favorite aspect of the game are its musics, it creates a zen ambiance making you feel as if you were not there and it's just amazing. Dustforce is a game you play to have fun, it is challenging and zen. If you liked hard platformers, Dustforce is a must-have


Fun game despite its bugs

Vahgrant | May 7, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

Magicka is among these kind of games that are really fun to play but still have some flaws that may sometimes ruin your experience. It also is a game focused on cooperation, so if you don't find friends to play with it might not be that good. The game is not that pretty, but it has something special that makes you like it more or less, but this is obviously not the reason why you would buy the game, it's for its gameplay. Magicka's gameplay is based on 8 different magics, such as fire, ice, water, electricity and so on. You can also get different staff and weapons that may change your abilities. You can combine those different magics, up to 5, to use spells or random powers, it sometimes is really dangerous to yourself and your friends who might get killed because of you, so if you are a really mean and cruel person you can enjoy killing your partners right before they get the staff they always dreamed about and steal it just for fun and that's why magicka is awesome, it's because it's hilarious. The story is just an excuse to make tons of jokes that always make you laugh with notably the character Vlad. So if you're looking for some laugh with your friends get the game, you won't be disappointed otherwise you could try a demo to make your own opinion.


An enjoyable coop game

Vahgrant | May 3, 2013 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

Get your friends and grab the game, the game is a lot of fun with 3 other friends, there is a lot of tension and the game is really rewarding when you complete your objectives. First of all, it's a game at the first person view, you're on a ship and you're either trying to eliminate enemy ships or to capture goals. Your ship is composed of different parts such as the balloon, allowing you to change your altitude, the engines, to change your speed, or the hull which is the main part of your ship, if the hull is destroyed your ship will be dead. There also are weapons which you can't move that are available for use, if they're dead you only won't be able to damage other ships. So yeah, there are different kind of ships which you can customize before the battle by changing the weapons on it, adding some strategy to the game. The game is based of 3 different classes, the pilot who has some perks improving the movement of your ship, the engineer whose perks permits to repair or to grant bonuses on the different parts and weapons on the ship and finally the gunner who possesses different kinds of ammunition changing the weapons react. Speaking of weapons, they have different advantages and weaknesses, they will have more effects against certain parts on the enemy ship but the will be less effective on the other parts. The graphics of the game are not so good but it doesn't really matter because the ambiance is awesome, the music, the landscapes and the steam punk style makes you feel you're in the game. The game is intense and is a lot of fun, it may be boring if you're playing alone but it's a real joy to play when you're 4 friends on the ship. Really advised for players looking for some fresh and unique coop.


An immersive stealth game

Vahgrant | May 2, 2013 | Review of Thief Gold - PC

Despite its age, Thief still is a masterpiece. If you can forgive its old graphics and its weird control layouts you clearly will fall in love with the game. Its gameplay is really deep, indeed, first your weapons are a real pleasure to use with the blackjack, which gives a real advantage playing as a ghost, or you bow, allowing you to switch between some various and very helpful arrows such as fire arrows to deal more damage or moss arrows to help you sneak past guards. The lock picking system which is quite fun and adding stress whenever a guard is around. The sounds your character makes makes you think about your every step if you don't wanna get caught and finally the light system which is one of the main point of the game is perfectly done, even though every lights in the game are pre-rendered. Its story and ambiance are close to perfect, the game is visually dark, which makes you feel like a thief unlike any other games, with quite an original story even though it really starts in the middle of the game. Its level design offers you the ability to get to your objectives by a lot of different ways and gives the game a great replay value. The universe is enormous, with a lot of different enemies, such as guards or some kind of monsters, and clans.If you're really eager to know about the background of the game you sure won't be disappointed. And obviously its main character Garrett is a fun and loveable character, every of his sentences are memorable adding a lot to the universe of the game. There are obviously some flaws in the game, such as the IA of the guards who know exactly where you are sometimes, but it shouldn't stop you from getting this game, it's a fun and unique classic.


Probably one of the best coop experience

Vahgrant | April 29, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

If you can only play the game in solo and that you don't like TPS that much, you can leave this page right away. The game isn't that appealing in solo, the AI, the graphics and the gameplay are okay though but that only leaves it to a medium quality game. However, if you have a friend to play with, take it right away, you'll have more than 25 hours of gameplay with the campaign only, much more when you add the multiplayer modes the game has to offer, such as The Mercenaries. The game is fun, has some strong moments, among them probably one of the best video game scene I've ever played, delivers quite an interesting story along with numerous and diversified places to visit and some great characters. The enemies also are really different and have unique designs which add some identity to the atmosphere of the game. The game also is full of references to its elder with old characters coming back and some enemies for instance. But the game also has bad points such as a classic gameplay which is not really balanced, physical attacks are way stronger than usual weapons, there also are some moments in the campaign that are slow or even boring due to the fact that the game is really long. Overall, Resident Evil is an awesome game despite its few flaws if you have a friend to play and will leave you some permanent memories, just like Resident Evil 4 did. Really advised to players looking for Coop Experience


As good as DMC 3, if not better

Vahgrant | April 29, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

First of all, DmC: Devil May Cry is the best hack n' slash since Bayonetta and offers an excellent opportunity to make the series shine again. Beautiful, fun, with an interesting story and most of all thrilling thanks to its gameplay and its level design, DmC: Devil May Cry is THE reboot the series needed. From the beginning to the end, the game stays impressive thanks to its originality and its freshness with some memorable levels such as Lilith's Club. The deep gameplay, allowing you to switch between Demon, Angel and Human weapons and skills, makes the player feel powerful. The level design, based on an organic world always moving, always surprises you. And the graphics and design of the enemies and bosses is as disturbing as it's great. Overall, DmC: Devil May Cry is a unique and crazy experience that every action player must try.


One of the best solo games ever

Vahgrant | April 29, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Amazing is the word I would use to describe Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Probably one of the best Action-RPG ever made and possibly better than the original Deus Ex, this episode regroups all qualities that this kind of game requires. From the open gameplay, allowing you to play as a killing machine as well as a ghost or even mixing both, to the immersive universe, making you love and hate nearly every character, nearly everything is mastered. There still are some few mistakes like the graphics of the game, feeling kinda old, or the boss fights, which are horribly hard, but still, if you can forgive those mistakes compared to all the qualities the game has, which is not so hard, you will definitely enjoy the game. I would clearly advice it to any lover of the genre.