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An artistic and mechanically solid masterpiece.

Valkryst12 | Aug. 15, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Dishonored follows the story of Corvo Attano, the Lord Protector of the Empress of Dunwall. Typically a story of revenge, redemption and rescue, Dishonored will have you choose the way you play the game, as a stealthy backstabber, a sword wielding soldier or mix the two as well as using the mysterious powers you attain from the Void, a shadowy place of limbo between worlds. The game is split into 9 missions, each set-up as a sandbox area filled with your main quest, optional side quests and collectibles. The game is visually stunning, almost like watching a graphic novel in motion. If you haven't played or bought this game... It is highly recommended you do so.