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Fairly Original, Worth a Go.

Valliance | June 9, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

A landscape full of beauty and terror, where shards of a lost alien races futuristic spacecrafts rain upon a terraformed Earth. Like the sound of that? Then this game is for you. I played this game in Beta and enjoyed it immensely but be aware that it is EXTREMELY important to play with a group of friends. Lone-wolfing is very possible but it does NOT provide a full experience. The basis of this game is to hunt Arc-falls for ancient tech with your friends, whereas secretively hunting them down yourself may prove to become grindy and boring. Gameplay mechanics are solid, with a strong emphasis on power abilities and perks however a weak spot would be some instances of combat and the region in which you play. All in all a very good game with an awesome feeling of a sparse universe. The multi-platform basis on which this game stands is also awe-inspiring. Run around and see people from Xbox to Playstation and of course PC, it is an amazing feeling. Yet again, give it a go - on sale it is a must-buy. Grab some friends and become Archunters!