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Lackluster Review: Spec Ops:The Line.

Valtheknight | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

Oh dear... Well i can for starters say that i'm at an disadvantage since i last played the game through about a year ago and i completely forgot that i bought it from Greenman. Also since there is a "credit"-gain from review so.. Might as well. Before i start, i really should mention that i really cant remember everything about this game. Because of the one year gap. So most of the stuff i say will be mostly about my personal experiences and should be taken with 'nth amount of salt. (Since i'm a little bit biased..) Well the first thing that needed to be done with the game, was to actually get it to run. Since it had some startup-problems with it, this caused some grey hairs at first, but a quick venture into the promised land of PC-GAMING WIKI. Helped to resolve that problem quickly. Unfortunately, since the game uses encrypted options files. Tweaking other aspects of it will prove difficult, if you wish to, for example, change the FOV. (I don't remember if the game was updated to include an FOV slider later on.. Again i last played it at the start of 2013.) Well i think that's the mandatory technical jabber out of the way, onto the game itself. The story is in itself deceptively straight-forward, it starts of with a group of soldiers, (Delta-Force if memory serves correctly.) On a mission to investigate what happened in Dubai after it was supposed to have been evacuated, before some heavy-duty sandstorms started wrecking up the place. And that is pretty much the easiest explanation of how the story starts, i really can't write about it that much since i feel i would be doing it no favors. Instead, i will only say that the story only gets more darker and stranger the further it goes. With some actual character-development and i don't mean the "put-points-to-sh*t-to get-the-biggest-deathc*ck" -way, but in the storytelling sense. Some of the stuff you see and hear the team say and do really start to show later down the line. That's enough spoilers for the story part, next! The gameplay is pretty standart 3rd-person cover-based shooting and that is pretty much the thing that kind of kills the novelty-value almost instantly, because people will automatically make references to any other Military shooter almost instantly. I on the other hand right now started thinking about the Normandy landing scene on Medal of Honor:Allied Assault, nicked almost to the T from Saving private Ryan... Oops Digressing statement. Later down the line, the game has a turret section, and another, and another yet again.. That kills the feel a bit, since you wonder "Why did it give me another turret section? Can't i just run around and shoot them in the head instead?" Actually, at one point you can, but it makes it a bit harder. But don't get me wrong, the helicopter segment at the start of the game (and the redo of it later) was well executed. I cannot really say the same from the rest though. Anyway, the biggest sin, i feel from the game-designs part is the linearity. It shows from the start and it carries through to the end. The strangest thing though... I noticed on my last playthrough that i had missed options in the story. All because the game told me to this instead of that and now i need to download it again to see the other parts i missed. Since i feel, "if i missed that one so obvious, what others i missed ?" CONCLUSION: Even with its story, The Line seems (to untrained eye atleast) a generic 3rd-person shooter. Even the changes the characters go through during the story, kind of brush by with a big red sign over their head saying "FEEL SH*T". And some of the stuff does have some shock value, but it loses even that rather quickly. All and all, the story (if flawed, yes flawed. Shoot me if you disagree.) is the only thing that is interesting about this game. Is it enough to carry it? No. Is it enough to make it stand out from the rest? Yes. Is it actually worth playing? Maybe.