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Vaner | May 15, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Let me get this out of the way to begin with. The story in this game is garbage. The graphics are a bit above average, they're certainly not bad, but not good either. The voice acting isn't that great either. Despite all this, the score stands, and it is every bit justified. This game isn't trying to be a movie. This game isn't a trying to be a work of art. This game only really tries to be a game, and it's a great game at that. Taking features and ideas of many great titles that came before, it blends them all together and it tastes just right. If you're a fan of a great looting system with a bit of crafting, it's there. If you want to build you characters and define your own play style, it's there. If you want to do get in a vehicle and drive over hordes of zombies, it's there. It does none of those things the best, but I have yet to see of all those elements put together work much better than this. Of course, while that sounds good and all, where this game really shines is when one when brings in a few friends. The result is lots of laughs, cooperation, saving each other, and planning in accordance with each other's skills. The cooperative is some of the by far better cooperative experience I've played. If you know you have friends to play with, this is NOT something you should pass up on (assuming you don't find zombies over done at this point). I'd like to give a bit of a warning however. The port isn't that great, the UI is very clearly controller based, though not hard to use once used to. There are a few things here and there, but as a bit of an experienced pc gamer, none of these should present too much of a problem. Google is your friend in this regard. All in all, the game is what games for some reason try not to be anymore; be a game. While there are a few technical issues you may encounter, they'll do little to deter from enjoyment of this title.