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The wind of change

Vanesh | Nov. 28, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - PC

First, the story.I love the character. Not an assassin, not a templar, a pirate. But this particular pirate is father to a templar, and grandfather of an assassin, so he plays a strong role in the unseen war fought by those two parties. Out of the animus, it's closer to the real world, a sort of parallel universe where templar money is everythwere. Then, the gameplay. Overall, I like the pirate setting. What I find lacking, though, is what was seen in every other AC, cities. Cities as they were then. I really liked old Roma, Florencia, Constantine, Boston etc, and their culture. Here we see Kingston and Havana, but they lack in realism, historical details, when compared to the efforts put in the others. So yes, I would have loved to see, when you set foot out of your ship, a World in its own. As it is a pirate game, the focus is on the naval battles, I understand that, but it pains me, that's all. Still, can't bring myself to note below 90. 'tis an excellent game.