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Best sonic game in a decade.

Vegimite | April 24, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

First off, have a game pad of some kind for the pc, it's not impossible to play it with a keyboard but the experience is vastly improved without having to. This is coming from someone who played sonic the hedgehog on the megadrive as well as sonic 2 and sonic 3 and knuckles. I later went on to play sonic adventure 2 on the gamecube. So I have a bit of experience with each. This game primarily has two distinct forms 2D classic sonic and the newer 3D sonic, you can switch between each before the level and doing so gives you both different gameplay and perspective on the level. The 2D gameplay handles well and is fairly precise so most of the time that you spend dead is going to be you being terrible and the sense of speed from the original games is recaptured well. The 3D sonic also maintains the great sense of speed you come to expect from sonic games but the platforming is also a bit floaty and the locking on system seems to behave a little bit more erratically then it should. It involves a psudo leveling system via unlockable abilities and while some of them are indeed cool and useful they don't change the game in a manner that is significant enough that I wonder if they would be better left out, or vastly improved in some way. In saying that getting all the abilities you want isn't difficult so it doesn't gate anything and it's just something extra. There is a good assortment of levels from previous games, but I feel the game could have benefited from more, but for the price tag it is very fair. Ultimately if you're vaguely interested in sonic games get it on a sale, if you've spent a good part of your childhood with sonic then buy the thing, it's good and you won't be disappointed.