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Great expansion, but not as in depth as I would like

VeniVichi | Sept. 28, 2013 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Awakening NA Origin - PC

Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favorite games of all time, if not THE favorite game of all time in my collection. I couldn't help be disappointed by the expansion but I was nevertheless very impressed by how good it was. My biggest problem is that some of the DLC armor you have when you finish Origins can't transfer through to the expansion. Buffing out my Warden in her Commander armor from the Warden's Keep DLC and then arriving in a burning stronghold in her underwear kind of ruins the moment. That is all eventually made up for with the new armors introduced in the game, my favorite being the Sentinel Armor, which reminds me of the Effort set from the Deep Roads. The new companions are fun, though I personally didn't enjoy the return of Oghren (least used character by FAR). The story is rather straight forward, but running the keep as well as taking care of things in a new city and new places was nice, refreshing, and fun. Though the city was really small it still helped keep things interesting. Some of the side quests take a tragically dark turn and it was kind of depressing, and other quests left me confused and frustrated, but as a whole the main story was great. There's no romance in the game, and I like romancing characters, puts some depth into the game, so that was a minus for me, though not a big one. Overall the story was good and the gameplay remains the same with new armors and new companions, most I very much enjoyed. (Though the one I enjoyed the most died straight away so that was disappointing)