Reviews by Veniu


Before the X-COM

Veniu | Dec. 17, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified Hangar 6 RD - PC

Suprisingly we're not the well known Carter in the game, we're going to play as agent DaSilva. So you were wondering how it actually happend, that human kind can bear awesome spells and practice wizardry wihout long and pointy hats? Well, this DLC is an answer to you! Playing base game I had a feel that I need to understand how the powers in the game work and where they come from. In this DLC you have it all explained, moreover, there are new "spells" (lets call them abilities). There's a bit of old abilities of our well-known agent Carter, and some new ones. Suprisingly with new devastating field "spells" there are 2 new guns that FINALLY come into the genre. Mr. Ak 47 and MIcrowave gun (like refreshing your yesterday's dinner isn't bad enough...). How would I rate it? Well I'm not sure about the price though, its alright and explains alot about whole Bureau and the Agents, yet there's still something missing. If you're a fan of The Bureau, you need to get this, but it'd be more reasonable to wait for a little sale and use one of GMG's wizardy: Awesome discount coupons/codes/black magic. However this DLC has a huge meaning in the game. I'd recommend it if (like me) you're curious about the backstory of agents and their skills.


Great almost railshooter!

Veniu | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

Ol' good wild west, guns, banditos and black powder. Rail shooters can be enjoyed once again? Yes, this game, after a fail of CoJ: The Cartel, is one of best Western theme games ever played. While our Hero narrates us through his adventures, we kill alot of bandits for score, that turns into experiece points so you can upgrade your skill tree. Yes, there's a skill tree. There's Pistolero (revolver) Sharpshooter (rifles) and Trapper (dynamite + shotguns). Each one of these skill trees provides different experience in the game. Have I mentioned its a rail shooter? Yes it kind of is, because sometimes there are several ways, for example: you can ambush the bandits from behind, rush straight through the front or take 'em out from the water tower. Still there's going to be only one end leading you to the end of the story. Duels. As a western game, also this one has duels. Dueling can be hard or easy, and is very nice. First, you need to focus your aim (by placing the reticle on our opponent) and to achieve better draw speed (by moving your hand). There's also something called Honorable duels. Means, when you hear your heartbeat, you can draw your revolver and shoot the opponent, but it will be consiedered as not honorable (less points=less EXP). There are also lots of "secrets" to find. As much as they're not a secret, and they're easy to spot, they give you alot of XP (about 1k-2k exp each) and there can be even 4 on 1 map! Map and area designs are beautiful and never repetitive. Not going to spoil the locations, you should do it yourself! Graphics have a nice a little bit comic feeling and the views are really beautiful. I found no flaws myself, even the ivory guns are very nciely detailed, plus this game has a great optimization! Audio. Now that's something really beautiful about this game. The voices of characters, guns, horses bah, everything is professional and pretty well themed to Western. Lots of pepole sound like they'd drink whiskey and eat nails after it. Great voice acting. Not much else left to say about this game, as an almost rail shooter this game is really great, bringing you alot, ALOT of fun and its totally different than the other games. We have everything here, slow motion, super-speed shooting while in slow-mo. All you need! Though I feel bad, that it isn't actual RPG game. It could turn out to something much more bigger, and even be a rival of Red Dead Redemption! Well, there's still hope. FInal verdict: You like western games? Then why you don't have Gunslinger already?!


Magic, fantasy and strategy. In one!

Veniu | Oct. 1, 2013 | Review of Warlock Master of the Arcane - PC

Yes, all of what you've heard is true, this game seems to be like a Civilization V clone. Well, is it a clone? No. As it has only a few similar things, it actually brings us what's best from many strategy games that only INCLUDES Civilization V. Game itself isn't so easy. Yes, you do have magic, but its useless when... When you enter another world! There's the place where real hard fun begins. Sending even best heroes there is a suicide mission, no matters what boost's they have, you just need to send hundreds of your armies in order to create a city there, which will give you alot of benefits in the future. Another great, great thing, that wins over Civilization V is.... Animation skipping! Everybody gets tired of watching enemy moves after a while, so now you can skip not only the enemy turns, but also your own movements! Neutral monsters included! There is no tech-tree or anything like that. No. There's only a "spell tree". The only research, are to give you new spells and magic abilities, so later on you can unleash your rage on the battlefield, and bring down your foes with fearsome trickery and magic! Still not cool? Or too brutal? You still can boost your own farms and mines to raise the output of your food, gold or mana. Yes, there are only 3 basic resources. FTW! Multiplayer included. No need to put more words to make it even more awesome. Period. So, we said something about taking best advatages from other games and we've mentioned the obvious Civilization V... What are the other games? Well there's a bit of HoMM (yup, heroes.) and Majesty (models + the awesome voice of our advisor). 3 out of 6 best strategy games I've ever played. So basically, they made a strategy game, based on the best fantasy (or not) strategy games. How it went? It's really sad, that the game isn't so well known as Civilization V, because its great. I think not everyone like's fantasy theme. But if you do, just get it, its flawless!


Legendary pack!

Veniu | Sept. 28, 2013 | Review of The Stronghold Collection - PC

All of the items in this pack (Well, maybe excluding Stronghold: Legends...) are true legends for gamers! It all started with Stronghold... A unique, strategy game, where we're the king. But we have enemies, enemies that won't stop bothering us, sometimes they're weak, sometimes they're strong. Shortly saying: Challanging as you want it! Graphics, sounds or gameplay is just right for the game of that type. It doesn't needs lots of graphical details, or many loud noises. However, game never seems to be repetive, from side of AI or ours. It's always something new. Also there's a level editor! You can make your very own campaign. All of this, actually can describe other "Strongholds". The only difference may be that Stronghold: Legends brings us into a fantasy world, with Ogres, King Arthur and such. This pack is all about strategy and history of gaming. Doesn't matters if you're good or not, do you like FPS games, this is a pack you NEED to have if you think of yourself as a gamer.


Assasin of mind

Veniu | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Once played, this game shall never be forgotten. Litreally. The game, maybe won't shine our eyes (finally!) with extra-awesome-duper graphics, maybe won't be an well known assasins branch clone but its all what is supposed to be! Graphics. Its perfect. Nothing more, nothing less. Dark, rusty and scary, but also warm when we see some wierd magic light or just fire. I don't like ultra-graphics thing, but this game never should have the amazing looking textures. Let it be, dark, grey and black, just like how the things would really look in cities with a plague killing everyone! Its plain great, with only few minor flaws (some very low textures in a few places). Sound. Never heard a single flaw, the "robots" feel really heavy and gigantic, world is full of its own sounds (like squeals of rats) and mumbling sick NPC's. Voice acting is just nice for only few main characters. Weapon sounds (well not many of them) and magic feel pretty good, but after playing a while you start to think you may have heard them somewhere else. Probably steampunk collides with some Napoleon times. Theme. The theme of the game (no spoilers) is pretty simple and seems kind of easy. We always have the feeling that we're doing all of this for good. There's no need to kill anyone actually which is a good way to make players replay the whole game again. Amazing thing is that we can do whatever we want! There are no "one way" routes and ways, there's at least 3 of them on every level of the game! No matters what, game has a great replatability, and it never gets boring, no matters do you search for something, avoiding guards, or assasinating them. Overall? If you've ever played Bioshock, you like some slight feeling of steampunk, or you're just a fan of killing everything with cool assasin animations, this game is for you!


Sci-Fi lover and you still don't have this?!

Veniu | Aug. 18, 2013 | Review of XCom Collection - PC

The games that have set a high standard of tour-based games with aliens that has never been reached. "With aliens" excludes aliens here, its a unique type of a turn-based strategy games ( I mean they all are, you know). From the very first XCOM to the last one that's a turn mode plus the interceptor. Not having this pack and loving Sci-Fi genere, is like begin a fan of Star Wars and never watching the series. Literally! It doesn't matters if the game is old or not, I say its at least in the top 10 in best packs of games ever created or sold in the history of games. Thr previous XCOM's can be a bit hard to play on bigger screens, but you should get used to it (I play them on 1920x1080 and got used to it after a few hours!). There are really no problems with them at all, steam has it all covered. What are you thinking of? Buy it!


Medieval mayhem

Veniu | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of War of the Roses - PC

Right now on the market everybody compares almost any game to a Call of Duty series. Why are they doing that, even if the game has nothing to do with the Call of Duty? True this game has alot of customization options, yes it has respawns and kind of similar gamemodes and maybe a CoD would look like this if it'd be set in medieval ages. Though its a completely different game! The graphics (even on max) is just ok. Its nice for your eyes, not too shiny or too spiky (you know what I mean?) or candy-like. Its just fine, nothing outstanding though. I'd say it exactly matches the game. Gameplay is something else, I love the idea of blocking from directions but even on "core" there shouldn't be any indicators telling you how to block. Also they should have add stamina to the game so there won't be any overpowered weapon users, that spam same attacks all the time. A group of those can be devastating... I've also encountered a few bugs, like being stuck in a rock or flying around, floating into the textures. Or flying horses. This happens sometimes. Weaponry, customization and all of that is a dream od medieval fan. You can customize even the steel of the blade or style of fighting. Never seen such customization! Its totally great. Game is fun to play but some of the sounds are dull, archers seem to be pretty fresh (a real archer would hold a longbow for more than 10 seconds right?) but overall? It ain't that bad! After loads of updates, its finally balanced and only skill can guide you through the worst times in the battle. Or a group of mindless spamming friends...


Back to rock!

Veniu | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand DLC - PC

This DLC really made my day, not only the good old maps, but also the radio placed on the roof on 1 of the buildings. A small tear dropped from my eye. That's probably the biggest DLC available for Battlefield 3 I think. It adds some guns, 5 dogtags and old good maps which tend to have a feeling of difference between these maps and the usual BF3 maps (dusty weather). Also few glorious vechicles are "brought back" to the game. Amazing! Though... As the every DLC I review, the price isn't fair for the DLC. It has alot of content but its just nothing that much to pay 1/5 of the starting game price. Thats why the rating is so low. It should be maximum 6 or 5 $.


Deus Ex is back!

Veniu | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Finally, after many years we have our great Deus Ex back in action. But has it reached its full glory? Straight answer- no. Just as the game is stunning, making us to make decissions and dynamically change the style we play (and of course, how we develop our character Adam Jensen) but I felt like it lacks something. I don't and I will never regret buying this game. Its still amazing, though sometimes the "open world" still seems kind of linear (even if we have multiple ways of finishing all the quests). I need to say, that I was worried about the "story level" in the game. As an FPS/TPP modern game, it shouldn't have a bright reason to dive in the plot. But this one has. A really huge and amazing one! Almost every quest we do has a meaning and is somehow connected to the main point. Some of the sidequests reveal pieces (ha, huge pieces!) of story of our character Adam Jensen or others, even of all the companies in the game. So, where the shock starts? Its withing the menu of the game! 1st time I have launched the game and seen the menu I just knew it was it, it was awesome! The graphics (where post-processing effects do the best of its role- whole game would be literally different wihout it) are stunning (even if sometimes seem dull, it matches the whole world! An amazing connection.) and beautiful. With all the effects and sometimes dull, low-res textures, it kind of blends with the world! We're in the future, they're using materials never previously known to a man, and its all clear why. Cinematic, or cutscenes, how ever you call it, they're amazing. You can notice that there are 2 types of these, one using the graphics from the game (these look really amazing!) and one are rendered (though I prefer the in game rendered cutscenes). It all brought me to one point saying: "Dayum, they really want that game to look just like an RPG game!". And so it does! Points for killing, knocking out, or avoiding enemies. That is something I actually was waiting for. If we accumulate enough points, we unlock one additional Praxis part which enables or expands our augmentations. It's just like experience points but wihout using the usual name for it! Genious! Its even all explained why you need to unlock them but... Let's not spoil the story. The "Human Revolution" is explained in the game too, sometimes by quests, but mostly with cutscenes, dialogs and notes we find. Don't be worried, almost everything is explained here, giving you a huge overview what's been going on lately. Again, amazing! Music and sounds. I really loved everything, an LMG did sound like and LMG, same with every other gun or a sound. I have no idea where they get the sounds and ideas for them but they've executed the task prefectly. Same with the music, but I also missed the Main Menu theme from Deus Ex. You just can't forget that one. The only thing I'd wish for this game is to get much more popularity and another sequel of course. I can wait even 5 years, because I don't want to rate the game around 80. I'm sure not only I want to continue seeing all of the strongest assets in the sequels. And one of the strongest assets its the game itself. Its a perfect balance between everything.


Meet your FPS God!

Veniu | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition Steam - PC

Its true. Deus Ex is like a God among all the FPS games. Why? Because it offers you freedom in the way you play. Want to sneak it? No problem. Destroy everything? Easy. How about hacking? Can be done. This game brought us an amazing experience, story and characters. You have skills, which are supposed to make you a better killing machine, hacking pro, lockpicking thief, meele commando, a sniper.... And so on. Its true! Acts like an RPG! But skills were'nt enough. Its 2052 right? We need... Augmentations. Half machine, half man. A cyborg. But wihout AI. You're still a human. A better human? There's alot of "augs" in Deus Ex. From augmentations giving you ultra strength, to augmentations that act like a... Flashlight. Seriously. World, graphics and characters. Immensive story. Have I mentioned most of the locations are based on the real blueprints? And the graphics not were, but are amazing to me! Because it doesn't matter what the graphics are (until they're really, really bad and pointy) the whole experience matters. Its amazing! The game is for everyone, from newbies starting at easy, to ultra-pro hardcores in Realistic mode. You WILL need to sneak in that mode. 1-2 (sometimes 3) hits (with a pistol...) and you're dead. How nice. How challenging. But once you'll make it, it gives you an amazing piece of satisfaction! You just can't describe this game using words. The way they've connected an RPG with FPS game is pure amazing and creates totally new and awesome expierience, in an amazingly realistic world. You just need to play it to see why it's so great. Have I mentioned the multiplayer? Yes. It has multiplayer and dozens of mods, MP gamemodes. Enough said. My question is, have you bought your copy yet?


Where's that something?

Veniu | July 27, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

Let's start complaining first. As far as in Borderlands I never felt bored somehow, no matters how many quest I've been doing every single day, in Borderlands 2 I find quests quite boring. Well some of them. I can't say, after the release of the game I've been addicted to Borderlands 2, I played it every single day and only it from my whole game library. You can't complain about guns and loot. I'm very happy that Gearbox came up with new ideas to grenades and guns, for example a grenade launcher rifle or a light machinegun. Still, guns and loot isn't everything. I'm not sure do I like new characters, but yes you can't complain on Salvador here. Though the characters are pretty balanced in every way, which is nice. Just as they'd want to make an MMO game! Graphics has some improvements now. You can experience new post-processing effects, as well as cool Nvidia Physx Particles. While talking about the diffictuly of the game, as an experienced Borderlands player, it was a no challenge to finish the game alone and then start with True Vault Hunter mode, again wihout problems. I played with Zer0 by the way, mostly with Health-Stealing skilltree. It was pretty easy, but also sometimes boring. Story of the game is rather simple, but as some fans remember, its more complicated than in Borderlands. Though for me, its not enough but also hey, what kind of story did you expect in Uber-loot FPS game huh? Game itself is very long, not couting with sidequests. I also like the Badass point system, as we unlock minor achievements with the characters we get these points to boost our skills a little for permanent amount of time. Plus, it works on all our characters! Awesome! Though it makes every single playthrough much easier. So what's so wrong about this game? Well it misses that something from Borderlands. It lacks of a feeling to explore and its concentrated on loot and leveling up, while in Borderlands you could also have fun exploring. Here you will explore 95% of all maps just by doing the quests. Some locations also feel a bit the same and dull. No idea why they didn't added a spaceship map or something like that, with low gravity that'd be cool. Also I have encountered a few bugs, mostly connected with me being stuck somewhere, NPC under the textures (and it still could shoot me!), stuck, not even caring that we're around. I also had 2 quests bugged 2 times. Not good. But there are no perfet games, right? If you're a fan of guns its a must own. If you're an FPS player its a must own. If you love strategy games well... Consider buying it if your friends play it, then team up. If you team up in this game, it gets really amazing, its just made for playing with friends. Overall experience is very good, and even as I gave it an 88, I'm waiting for the sequel of another Borderlands. No matters what, I buy it! This is what this games does to you. :)


Weapons and credits.

Veniu | July 27, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Tactical Mission Pack - PC

This what this DLC does, actually making your game easier. At the start we get a silenced (and powerful) sniper rifle, which is great for some steal action, a double barreled shotgun (for some old boomstick style shooting) and 10 000 of credits. As the weapons are very useful, you will find the credits more useful. Why? Because of the Praxis mods! It allows you to quickly buy 2 augmentation mods. Its a much better start than wihout the weapons and credits. I'm giving it a high note because of the price. Its not high, and you don't need to buy it, won't make a change in the games story. Its a fair price, for a fair DLC.


New, fun and long.

Veniu | July 26, 2013 | Review of Just Cause Steam - PC

Some pepole say, Just Cause 2 is better than Just Cause. I'm the one that needs to disagree. As I've completed Just Cause about 2-3 times, I couldn't complete the JC2 for even once. The whole story in JC (one of course) is much better (even the main and side missions) and have more sense into the game. JC2 feels like being a gun-nut, not a real professional. Imagine Mr. Agent 47 always dealing with his target the loud way! Basically, JC offers us totally free and open world. Its pretty huge and theres always something to do, bah even driving a car around is actually satisfying. Islands are beautiful, same goes to the sea and mountains, you just can't be bored in this game. Sky diving from a helicopter (you guessed it, hijacked helicopter!) is literally breathtaking and fun. Connecting things to another thing in JC2 is fun but, not for so long you know? Side missions. Theres thousands of them. Sure its all about go there and do something but somehow with the reward system in the game (as we help our friends) they don't get boring. You choose how you want to do the side quest, bombard a villa from the sea, make everything explode with hijacked chopper, go on a bare foot rampage or take your enemies by suprise with a tank. For the revolution! And freedom of course... Bikes, cars, tanks and the heavy stuff. Its all in here to satisfy your needs. You can always call some "emergency supplies" from the Agency to buckle up your firepower. You can also always call for an extraction (doesn't needs to be an emergency extraction) and get your bottom safely to some safe place. Like a boss. Because the pilot never lands. Freefall with a parachute, heeeeeeeeee-yah! Graphics, FOV and filters actually match the game overall. Its not too "hot" and not really too dark. We can chill out a little while watching a nice sunset and a flaming plantation of weed while some dudes are killing eachother. Thats lovely. Sounds? The gun souds are just moderate. Not too loud or relistic, but also not too non-realistic and silent. However, there are no "real" weapons in the game, so I guess its alright to make your own sounds. The bad aspect of the game is the sound of the police and gangs. Sometimes, no matters where you are, whatever you do, you can randomly hear: "Stop right there citzen! This is the police!" or "This is the Polizei, stop right there!". After playing this game you just will have these voices in your head saying this from time to time. Other fun aspects are the grappling hook (which you need to check out really) and some explosives. More of these things in the game so yeah, check it out!


The big C is back!

Veniu | July 26, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

If you're reading this, you also probably remember Civilization II. My favourite. As I've waited long years for upcoming civilizations, I was somehow disappointed. Until Civilization V. As its not still the same as "Civ II", its great. Why? Well, there's alot of reasons why: 1. Steam workshop! Thats right! Want to be the general of the Aliens? Here you go! How about playing as a character from Game of Thrones or Mass Effect series? You got it! Really nothing much to say, you basically can find every single thing made by players. Customize your game how YOU want! 2. All users friendy. You're a veteran or a newbie in strategy games? Don't worry, Civilization V is friendly for all kind of users, I know pepole that never played previous Civilizations, aren't fans of strategy games, but this game made them literally addicted! 3. Addictive, and never the same. Thats the gameplay of this game. Highly addictive, and you will never, ever feel like you've been playing the same way with the same nation. There are multiple ways to achieve victory! 4. Multiplayer! If you have a few days to play the game with your friends... And I mean it. Few days. Playing against online players on the same experience level is practically just the matter of who will survive longer with sane mind. Bring some food and drinks folks! There are more advantages of the game, but there's also one disadvantage (which is said to be fixed in the DLC- Brave New World)- politcs. Its pretty much related to only a few choices like trading or supporting somebody during the war. Myself, I don't care about graphics, and sound/music is pretty good, but... Playing with the PC in late game gets annoying as the animations of planes are very slow. Imagine 25 planes attacking during one turn. Have I mentioned that there can be only 1 animation going on the screen? You get the idea... Therefore, I give it 85 (that animation thing is really, really annoying). I think its the score this game deserves (actually, I have never encountered any bugs!). I did not considered the Brave New World DLC in rating the game!


A minor victory

Veniu | July 24, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

It seems like in the age of speed-making of games, the XCOM Enemy Unknown made it to become something more than just a "medium" game. Why companies always hurry with the games they produce? In XCOM you see the beautiful valors of making the game and putting your heart in there. Some may say, that XCOM Enemu Unknown is long only because of turn-based action. True, but don't forget that you get random missions. When I played the game, in average of 2-3 days. That's really quick. The previous XCOM series and the new one, aren't exactly the same. Sure we can build our secret XCOM base and customize our soldiers and (kind of) our airships, but that's actually it. Thought its hard to come up with good new ideas, right? Graphics, and animations. Perfect. Kill animations/cutscenes never, ever get boring. I mean, there's never enough of devastating squads of Xenos right? Especially with a (literally) badass "killcam". Grpahics are perfect. I was afraid that in making such a game, they'd make a candy-like graphic and textures, but no, the whole visual suite gives us an amazing experience and literally plants a seed of darkness in us. Have I mentioned that you almost never can be safe? Each single time your soldier levels up, the missions get harder and harder. Because of the new enemies we meet. From 3hp standard Grey's, to a badass over 30hp mech that can easily annihilate our whole squad if he's not dealt quickly enough. Sound is just fine, not as good as in some well known games, but it matches my needs. Though, the shotguns could use some new animations and sounds... The only thing left to say is about the aircrafts and air battles. Yes, they don't only exist, but also have a huge influence on our xcom project. Skipped ufo partols can destroy our satelites, and every single destroyed ufo is an opportunity to gather some resources and inteligence about our enemy. The game isn't and ultra hit on the market, but I feel its way better, than many releases during these days. It doesn't have many bugs, its fun and great to play, has a multiplayer mode and its very friendly for new fans, and extremely hard(core?) for the old fans. Though it lacks that "something" we've seen in previous XCOM releases, no idea what it is, but it literally lacks some magic in it. Its still worth its own price. Totally recommended for strategy fans, and a must-have for turn based gameplay style lovers!