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Not worth it

Vercinger | Sept. 13, 2012 | Review of THQ 5Pack - PC

This pack seems great value at first, but it fails to mention something extremely important: The Steam versions of Dawn of War II and Red Faction Guerrilla require Games For Windows Live to run. While both games are worth playing, this horrible DRM that they come bundled with completely ruins the experience. Aside from its vast amount of bugs that have remained unaddressed for years, GFWL also limits the number of times you can install the games. After the install limit is reached, the game has to be re-purchased. So, with those 2 games rendered unusable due to DRM, what are we left with? Saints Row 2 for the PC is an unplayable mess that you'd be better off avoiding. Apparently THQ decided they didn't need to bother making a proper port, and could just get sales from the hype or something. This behavior should never, ever be rewarded. The last 2 games somewhat redeem this pack. Both Metro and Company of Heroes (especially CoH) are great games, definitely worth buying. However, not in this pack. You could easily get them at a much lower price separately. Overall, there's no sense in buying this pack. Unless you're feeling particularly adventurous and have enough free time to deal with GFWL support. They like telling you to update your Xbox 360's firmware when you ask them how to solve a problem with your PC game.