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A severe disappointment

VictoriaObscura | Jan. 5, 2014 | Review of Fable III - Xbox 360

Fable II was a charming masterpiece of a game, taking everything from the first and improving on it tenfold, but this game seems to take everything good about the second game, attempt to improve it tenfold, and then utterly fail in it's execution. The combat is just as fun as in the second game and the story is decent, if characteristically short for the Fable series, but it's in the moral choices and ambition that the game falls flat. The game attempts to build up to the player becoming the Queen as if it's some sort of epic achievement and a major step forward, but all it really does is give you a couple of extra moral choices and then a terrible ending sequence so bad that it actually managed to make Fable II's ending look engrossing. Fable III is not a bad game, just a very repetitive one in need of a major scaling back and a focus on what made Fable II such a great game, the charm and personality of the environments, which this game most certainly does not have. All of the environments lack the sprawling open endedness of Fable II's with the exception of the main city which is an improvement. The characters all look lifeless and overall the game just isn't as fun as Fable II. Recommended for fans of Fable II but set your expectations low.