Reviews by Vinderax


Extremely Creative and Unique!

Vinderax | Aug. 11, 2012 | Review of World of Goo - PC

World of Goo has to be the most interesting game I have ever played. It's premise is quite unique. You have to build basic structures, such as bridges and towers, with only small goo balls. With that concept, you have to solve many physics puzzles and literally cross insurmountable gaps. The game is executed quite nicely, with colorful graphics and vivid sound. The game world really feels alive and engaging. The storyline and humor are quite quirky, although fresh and unexpected at times, complementing the rest of the game quite nicely. The gameplay itself can be frustrating at times when things don't go as you planned and the entire goo structure collapses. However, the game is quite forgiving, allowing you to redo moves and even skip entire levels if you can't solve the puzzles. Overall, the game offers enough variety and extra objectives to keep you entertained for hours without becoming boring or predictable. World of Goo is a game that absolutely must be experienced. It's charm and quirkiness is unlike no other game, and it's an absolute joy to play. This is a game that everyone needs to play. Get it, and you won't regret it!


Challenging, But Still Fun

Vinderax | Aug. 6, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

Hacker Evolution is, as its name suggests, a hacking game. I should warn you at first, this game is not for everyone. It's a good, solid hacking simulation, but the learning curve and overall difficulty level makes it hard to really get into the game. As a hacking sim, the gameplay mechanics mostly consist of typing various commands on a computer console. The gameplay itself is solid, but a bit repetitive. The steps you need to perform for a successful hack are pretty much the same for most servers, and it can get monotonous fast. Fortunately, the game has enough variety in its puzzles to make up for this. You have to locate clues on different servers to discover new servers and unlock new upgrades. There are plenty of objectives to complete, and even a few optional ones, giving the game that open-world feel which makes it more fun to play. However, the difficulty level is really what drags this game down. The tutorial and help sections are confusing, and show the player too much, too quickly. Not only that, but the levels themselves are also quite hard. It's almost impossible to beat a level on your first try. You basically need to figure out the best strategy and order to complete objectives before you can successfully complete a level, and doing that means replaying the level several times. It's doable, but not really practical for the average gamer. Hacker Evolution is a challenging, but fun hacking simulation. It may be excessively difficult to get into, but if you have patience and perseverance, Hacker Evolution can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for the hacker inside of you.


Simple, Yet Surprisingly Deep

Vinderax | Aug. 6, 2012 | Review of Defcon Everybody Dies - PC

Defcon is the kind of game that really takes your breath away. It plays completely different from most RTS games. Instead of micromanagement and resource harvesting, Defcon simplifies everything by giving you only the bare essentials you need to win. This lets you focus on large-scale strategies, rather than small-scale tactics. Although the simple mechanics do lack a bit of variety, the pacing of the game is what really makes Defcon epic and fun to play. Right from the start, you are plunged in and forced to immediately set up your units and defensive structures. Then, gradually, but quickly, enemy units start showing up and conflicts start to rise, eventually leading to worldwide chaos. This gives the game a sense of scale and urgency, and really makes the gameplay shine. Games can range from quick lunch-break skirmishes to lengthy strategic bouts, giving Defcon the sort of depth that is unexpected from the simplicity of the game. All in all, Defcon is an amazing strategy game that has unique and refreshing gameplay. The simple mechanics make it really easy to get the hang of the game. However, it's the pacing and scale of the game that makes it deeper and more complex than the mechanics show. In other words, "Come for a battle, stay for the war."