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Old-school gaming is back!

Vinicius_92 | Dec. 25, 2012 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

I assume that if you are 20+ years old, you have good memories with old-school games. Challenging game such as Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden and Battletoads are potentially a big part of such memories. The feeling of failing over and over again because of a single precise jump is a feeling that is missed for many in the games nowadays. But cry no more, here it is Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is a platformer game that follow the old-school games formula: you must be incredibly precise in order to succeed throughout the many stages within the game. Whenever you fail (happens a lot, get used to it), you go back to the beginning of the stage. The stages are short, so the repetition because of the constant fails will not be a frustration. The graphics are great, with a classic 2D style, the music reminds me of chiptune music and the controls are tight, so don't try to blame the controls, ok?


All a Sonic fan would want!

Vinicius_92 | Dec. 25, 2012 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

As a long-time Sonic fan, I am positively sure when I say that in the past few years, Sonic games were a disappointment. The only exception would be Sonic Colors, but since it's a Nintendo-consoles exclusive, it's an exception. Sonic Generations brings back all that Sonic games had at its best: speed, action, beautiful landscapes and great music. This game is the best fan-service a fan would possibly want. It's possible to play as classic Sonic and modern Sonic. To complete the game it is necessary to play each stage with both characters, and believe me, it will be a pleasure. When you play as classic Sonic, the gameplay is very similar to old genesis games and when you play as Modern Sonic, the gameplay is similar to Sonic Colors (without the power-ups). The graphics are simply astonishing, the sound is excellent (it is great to listen to classic songs remixed) and the controls are tight. Sonic Generations is worth every penny you pay for it. The single experience of playing through Green Hill Zone one more time pays for the costs of the game.


Unique and fun

Vinicius_92 | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Nowadays, there is a tendency of calling any sandbox games as "GTA clones". Even knowing that some games in fact try to follow GTA's formula, Just Cause 2 is not one of them. Just Cause 2 puts you in a beautifully vast island and alllow you to do whatever you want to do. Besides having a great arsenal, including heavy armor and vehicles such as trucks, cars and helicopters, the protagonist "Scorpio" have a hook which makes everything more fun. From escalating a building to riding a car in the middle of a bulletstorm. Parachuting is also something that happens often in Just Cause 2, since the island has many mountains. The graphics are great, specially the water effects. I can not say the same about the physics of the game, Scorpio becomes a weird ragdoll every time he is thrown by some explosion or fall. The voice acting is funny because of all the accents you will find throughout the game. Just Cause 2 is a game with many possibilities and a few technical problemas which will not bother your experience of playing it. Definitely a "Must buy".