Reviews by Viprus


Multiplayer dead, but good single player

Viprus | July 23, 2013 | Review of Multiwinia Steam - PC

Multiwinia, being an older game, only has a few servers left with active players (2 games in progress last time I played), but still has a good enough Single Player vs. AI mode to keep you happy, if you can get it at a low enough price. The multiplayer version of Darwinia, you no longer have to worry viruses (too much) and now focus on 6 different gametypes for pitting armies of Darwinians against each other. Whether it be King of the Hill, battling for control of map points, Assault where you attack or defend a map destroying weapon, Supremacy where you aim for total control of a map, or any of the other game modes, Multiwinia provides an easy-to-learn, simple, fast paced strategy game which can get really tense in those last few seconds before the game ends. As the community for this game seems all but dried up, I'd recommend trying to get a few friends to play with you if you really want to play against other players.


Nice take on Tower Defence Genre

Viprus | July 23, 2013 | Review of Sanctum 2 - PC

Continuing on from Sanctum, Sanctum 2 brings quite a few tweaks and improvements that help make the game stand out in its' genre. The game contains a nice variety of deadly enemies and lush environments to keep you busy, and adds levelling, unlocks and feats of strength to keep the replayability high. Customization of skills and towers makes for good team play with players choosing to focus on different specialities. The game's difficulty scales along with the number of players so it's possible to finish in single player, while not becoming too easy when playing with friends. The game itself, however, is quite short with a limited number of stages but if your only problem with a game was that you wish it would have lasted longer, then it was worth buying. This also gets remedied by its' DLCs, with more to come.