Reviews by Vitrugo


A Nasty Fokker

Vitrugo | Dec. 27, 2013 | Review of Ace Patrol

What seemed like a good idea turned out to have a poor execution. Dated graphics, simplistic menus, bad name it. It could be excusable if the gameplay was good but its not. It looks like what it is; a port from a phone game but with the price range of almost 5€. It doesn´t even worth the 75cents I actually paid for with all the discounts. The worst thing with Sid Meier´s name on it.


Rome wasn't debugged in a day

Vitrugo | Sept. 25, 2013 | Review of Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition

Rushing games hurts everyone; it hurts the gamer´s experience, sales plumit but distributors and software houses still think it will be a good idea to launch a unfinished game into the market. Creative Assembly usualy doesn´t disappoint it´s fans but this year´s new Total War title came with a few issues that almost ruined the game for everyone. Visually its gorgeous, its definitely the most polished game in the series; the mediterranean scenery is full of life and detail and contributes to an imersive experience but it come with a high price; only the most powerfull machines out there will run Rome in its full glory without lagging. Pretty graphics alone don´t make a good game and its in everything else that Rome 2 starts to show it´s flaws; Stability issues and random crashes, texture problems and the enemy A.I. that most of the times is simply...dumb, Despite all its flaws on release, Rome 2 still has room for improvement, hopefully new patches, add ons and DLC´s will bring glory to, not only Rome, but to the Total War franchise as well.


It's a bughunt

Vitrugo | Sept. 24, 2013 | Review of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Nowadays games shouldn´t be judged only by they're release version; they are upgraded, improved, and sometimes become something completly different from what they started. Upon release, ACM was basicaly an unfinished product, having nothing to do with the game that was promissed years earlier from the tech demos. After a few patches gigantic patches, Gearbox managed to turn the bland inicial experience into something that could be enjoyable. But besides the good atmosfere, there are still too many broken elements that can´t save this game from beeing a miss; the story still lacks continuity from the Aliens movie and the multiplayer its still unplayable.


Improving Perfection

Vitrugo | Sept. 22, 2013 | Review of Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World

Since it was released in late 2010, Firaxis latest instalement in the Civilization series has been improving until it finally reached a point where its possible to say its the best turn based strategy game ever designed. First with Gods & Kings and the scenario packs introduced new units, buildings, wonders, religion and espionage, but now with Brave New Word comes so many new elements that enhance the gameplay experience (specialy in the late game) that its almost possible to consider it as a new game itself. Nine new Civilizations, eight Wonders, eight buildings, twenty units, two scenarios, new gameplay mechanics such as trade routes, ideologies, the World Congress, an improved Cultural Victory including Tourism and Archaeology. Playing Civilization V without this expansion will simply be impossible.