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Finally Finished Dishonored

Volff | May 4, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Well it toke a while but i finally managed to finish Dishonored, and what a satisfying ride. First of all, those who have seen the screenshots, yes there are Thief vibes all over but where Thief relied on a semi-realistic gameplay, Dishonored uses Possession and "Blink" teleporting to help the main character get by. I might say Hitman is a better comparison - You are thrown into a level with a couple of objectives and then it's up to you as the player to pick and proceed with the chosen path. It makes for great entertainment where the player thinks of another way to accomplish the objectives and makes you play around with the different choices and narratives. I have unfortunately not read as much as I wanted, of the ingame materials. though I managed to get an idea through books and recordings, that it's quite comprehensive.