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A Memorable Game

Vulcanexius | Jan. 11, 2014 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Not only do I fall in love with the games story telling but its art style and smoothness of controls make it a dreamlike experience. The level design is nice letting you choose your path and it was just overall fun to play. Story: You are Corvo Attano, who is convicted of being a bad man. After escaping prison you are recruited into a gro......I CANNOT SAY ANYMORE FOR I WILL RUIN IT, please go and play it yourself and experience its wonderfulness. Graphical/Artstyle Quality/Environments: Its art style to me is fantastic, while it might not cater to everyone's taste the slightly cartooniness look is a unique look and the areas you roam around in are interesting to say the least, considering you move around in a city riddled with plague it really feels like it. Rats (that eat bodies, tee-hee) are abundant, bodies, dastardly deeds by guards in place and all of it combined sets a rather compelling scene. Dishonored also features a 'Choose your own path' scheme in which you can have several choices to make morally like killing certain people all the way to going into the sewers to sneak past a horde of guards or maneuvering across the rooftops. Controls/Gameplay: Its actual controls and gameplay mechanics as stated are well done, clunkiness is almost a thing of the past with this game having easy to learn controls (all of which are customisable) and they all work correct and when put into practice beautiful sword battles can be done killing anyone you wish at whim. The games stealth mechanics also work fairly well for example hiding in shadows or moving around the rooftops to avoid guards and as you should know getting AI done right ESPECIALLY for a stealth game is hard but Dishonored achieves and creates a fairly difficult but manageable detection system where in which they will investigate your position and if you are in eyesight for about 5 seconds you are seen. You can also pickup bodies etc like most stealth games. Overall I give it a 9/10, it achieves many things that other stealth games cannot which is a working system, the characters are fairly memorable and the combat is enjoyable. I personally think the combat could have done with a little more but it still works and you can have fun with it. This is definitely a game worth buying.


A VERY enjoyable experience.

Vulcanexius | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

After a long time of listening to other people I know talk about how good the game is I had to try it out myself. You play as Corvo Attano in a fictional city called Dunwall who is out seeking revenge and the desire to save someone he loves. The combat mixed in with stealth leads to some exciting gameplay, while the combat is not as complicated as I would like it still works fine considering stealth is one of the main parts of the game which was done extremely well compared to other RPG games like Skyrim. The stealth in this game reminds me a lot of the Thief games, being able to peek through keyholes, having the ability to climb and manipulate objects around you for your benefit like I constantly find myself knocking out guards and throwing them into swarms of rats to be eaten. The level design in this game is interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the streets of Dunwall seeing all the architecture and the whole idea of fairly non-linear level pathing means you can go more that just one way making to plan out your attacks or movements. The art style was fine, it worked for the game although it does have room for improvement but that does not matter seeing as the story and gameplay is where the game gets its strength. The characters in this in my opinion worked for what it was meant to be which was a dark age full of danger and commanded by tyranny. For the storyline which I have yet to still finish is alright for me but I will not spoil it. Overall I would say an 8/10, the combat could definitely use improvement, the graphical quality/artstyle is a difficult situation because many like it many do not. I do recommend getting this game, it is well worth the price.