Reviews by Vulpine_Vixen


Retro classic.

Vulpine_Vixen | May 24, 2011 | Review of Columns - PC

If you bought a Megadrive in the early 90s the chances are you may have got a copy of Mega Games 1, with your console, including the games Italia 90, Superhangon and Columns. The game is simple; you have to match 3 (or more) coloured jewels, in order to eliminate those jewels (horizontal, vertical or diagonally) to score points. But that's not all... the game get progressively faster, the wall of jewels builds and more colours are added to the mix as you reach higher levels. The fast pace nature of this game makes it as puzzling as Tetris, although they aren't directly comparable, and just as addictive. There are varying levels of difficulty, depending on your skill, various game modes and Vs if you're feeling competitive. This game is a must for old school gamers and puzzle addicts alike.


Good ol' zombie nazi killing.

Vulpine_Vixen | May 24, 2011 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

This may not be the best game on the market but it is fun. With its dire voice acting, lacking plot and average graphics it's easy to expect the worst from this game... but it's actually fun and it's oddly all of the things that make it average that make it, strangely, good. It is, as one reviewer stated, like playing a B-movie. While it maybe lacking in plot it does mean you get instant nazi-zombie killing action. There's an interesting selection of weapons and grenades, you're able to dual-wieled pistols; or a pistol with a malee weapon. There are secrets galore as any old school Doom player would expect. It also has multi-player, with semi-customisable player options, with a choice of 3 classes, British, German or undead. There's also a challenge room for all you achievement hunters. In all it's zombie-smashing fun with gore, zombies and guns.