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A great game, despite its flaws

WW1137 | Aug. 18, 2011 | Review of Alpha Protocol - PC

Alpha Protocol was a game highly anticipated by me because I love the stealth genre. I've played through it multiple times, but only as a stealth character so I can't really comment on the other types of playthroughs. Just after release there were many complaints relating to the minigames for lockpicking and such, but those have since been resolved through patches. The stealth and related mechanics have worked really well for me, the dialog and choices are great, and the story is top notch. The main problem I have with the game right now is the boss fights. At the end of each part of the story, you are forced to do a boss fight that, if you are using a stealth character, you really are not prepared for. But seeing as its my only complaint, Alpha Protocol is a great game. If you like stealth action, give it a try