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Innovative but desperately needs a dunk in Acetone Polish

Warcaster | May 5, 2013 | Review of Dawn of Fantasy Kingdom Wars - PC

If had just a few words to describe this game... Extremely Fun but HORRIBLY buggy and polished. The game is ambitious, but almost to a fault. There are times where I'm absolutely having a blast, other times where I'm extremely frustrated. I will explain... Graphics: Not going to blow you away at first, but there's something quite immersive of how the game looks. Once you're a few days in of building your castle, the castle begins to look much more alive and active. It's no sim city, or active representation of castle life. The Sieges however look so much better. I'm always filled with a little glee when I set the entire town on fire... Gameplay. Okay its a mixed bag. It combines the castle building of stronghold with the unit based gameplay most comparable to battle for middle earth. Castles are predetermined, you will not be able to customize where your walls are, or where your buildings can be. Its kinda off putting at first, but each predetermined castle looks absolutely impressive once its complete. Combat is buggy, imbalanced and in some cases slightly broken. That's not to say however it is unsatisfying, its actually quite a thrill. You'll find yourself constantly trying flank and position your troops in advantageous spots against your enemies. Combat can be extremely fast paced too and requires at least SOME level of micromanagement. Sieges are a different story however, they can go on for extended period of time. These usually involve either a stage of long bombardment or a series of mixed direct assaults with ladders and etc. As of right now, these battles are some of the most fun of the game. However given issues of extremely bad pathfinding, attackers may find themselves easily frustrated. The main focus of this game is online content. Which means you'll probably have to fight other players at some point. Pvp is enforced but in a light way. You can just avoid attacks all together by paying a ransom and have attack immunity for an hour or so. Players wishing to play strictly singleplayer or Co-op will feel a little burned. Other comments. -Sound is kinda meh. Music is okay. - Game does a decent job trying to create an immersive story. It won't suck you in, but there's some interesting dialogue if you pay attention. (you probably wont.) -Game is absolutely BUGGY - You can buy ingame currency in this game, but once you're settled in, you'll never actually NEED to buy it ever.


A Sublime experience

Warcaster | April 26, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Pack - PC

At first glance this seems like a typical GTA Clone but in Asia.... And while there is some truth to it, its far from a subpar game. The quality and amount of content in this game is excellent. Take a walk around Hong Kong as Wei Shen, an undercover cop. By mixing a realistic and gritty story with some of GTA's wackiness and you have sleeping dogs. The combat is a mix between hand to hand combat and shooting sequences. While the shooting feels generic, the melee combat is where the game feels best. Think of combat similar to the Witcher 2 and Arkham Aslyum. You'll be stringing combos, dodging and countering attacks with the occasional bone breaking. The other portion of the gameplay involves interacting with the city at large, and there is quite plenty to do. from racing, to romantic side missions, to drug busts, and collecting new clothes, cars and equipment. Graphically the game looks absolutely beautiful and runs quite well for my relatively antiquated laptop. There is also a higher definition texture pack out there somewhere that will certainly get more out of your machine. While the story is interesting, its kinda sloppily done. Expect a couple of blaring plot holes and some things just haphazrdly explained. Overall its a good game. Try it if you have the cash.