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XCOM - review

WastedAlmond | Sept. 26, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

This game is in the vein of the turn-based strategy/tactical games of old, It's hard, unforgiving and ultimately extremely satisfying. The gameplay is fantastic, albeit some bugs still linger here and there, some of them even freeze the entire game (not your entire computer thankfully). The gameplay divides into two "levels" tactical and strategic. On the strategic level you manage your base, manufacturing weapons and equipment for the troops, build new facilities and research new technologies. You also have to build satellites to monitor different continents, and to detect and intercept any UFO's violating the airspace. You also have to manage panic levels on nations that are supporting you, by launching satellites and helping them out if need be. The tactical level is when your team is needed to: "Save the day". Tactical gameplay is turn based and you have 4 soldiers (later 6) under your command. After your team is out of actionpoints the aliens get their turn. The missions play out until all objectives are complete or the aliens kill all of your squad members. Soldiers can also level up and gain a class (like assault, heavy etc.), with special perks available to each class, this also makes high level characters extremely valuable, and losing them can put you in a dire situation. This game manages to be both very challenging and very rewarding, also it has tremendous replayability. This game is a gem, and a must have for anyone looking for a challenging tactical game.